1. jmt9779's Avatar
    so the mic on my motorola h800 bluetooth earpiece stopped working. i can hear people on the other end of the call but they can't hear me.

    to be honest, i never really liked that unit anyway and was looking at getting a new one (just ordered a blueant z91 this morning since the motorola endeavor hx1 isn't available till the fall).

    anyway, just curious if anyone had any ideas as to this thing's early death.

    07-20-09 03:10 PM
  2. nealn87's Avatar
    Did it happen after the 4.5 upgrade? Thats when mine did.. i have yet to figure out why.. My BT worked until i upgraded the software on my phone and then i lost my bluetooth for awhile.. but i just found it last night and i would really like for it to work now..
    09-21-09 04:10 PM
  3. nealn87's Avatar
    Okay well I took my bluetooth apart and found out one of the wires were cut which I guess makes sense.. I guess coincidentally it just seemed to happen when I updated my os.. I'm an *****.. does your BT have a boom mic on it that flips open to turn it on and closes to turn it off?

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    09-24-09 03:19 AM