1. callmebob's Avatar
    I currently have an old HS850 and love the fact that I can turn it on and off by opening/closing the boom mic. I generally don't wear a headset, I keep it in my pocket and then open the boom when a call comes in then close it and put it back in my pocket. That's why I am interested in the H15, because it works the same way. I don't like having to hold down a button for two seconds and then wondering if it turned on when a calling is coming.

    At any rate, does anyone have an opinion on this headset? I have read some really good reviews, but I would like to get some opinions. Thanks.
    11-28-08 12:26 PM
  2. virgocrush's Avatar
    I'm using one with my Curve 8310, Playstation 3, and Thinkpad T60p with no problems.

    It's everything you described above and connects pretty quick!
    When opening the boom it plays a musical note and chirps when connected.

    Voice quality(indoors and on the street), I had no complaints so far and people couldn't tell if I was using a headset.

    Battery life, up to 4 hours and 4-5 days on standby. I average 30 minutes a day. The LED changes colour for battery status and warning beeps.

    After 200 charges, it becomes disposable and hopefully I'll get 1 year of usage. hahhaha...

    Fit, it comes with an assortment of eargels. I'm still finding the perfect fit and currently I'm having luck with the one with the small ring. Once a while my ears hurt from the ear loop from adjusting it. This is due to pushing the earpiece inwards more for those noisy conditions and volume set at the max.
    I read some recommendations for a custom molded eargel of your ear for $60, hmmmm.

    Price, I paid $129 at Bestbuy. It's pretty expensive and but I heard you can pick one up for < $100 at Verizon but it comes without the charger base and ???

    My other choice was Plantronics 925, I'm happy with the H15 until something new.
    11-28-08 04:04 PM