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    Uhhhh where the heck is dieters final write up, get crack'n boy...heheh pun intended.
    11-24-07 03:04 PM
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    my book came with a great many mile long list of shortcuts( i own an 8100pearl) so its not the 8300/8310 but its similar. the P and N work best for inbox.
    i think the browser problems may be a mix of your location as well as not choosing the right options. I use the BB Dimension ICON theme myself, ive heard the TIGER them is a pretty good all purpose theme( i think the CB store has it).
    i setup my gmail and have had no problems out of it, then again i dont get a mass of gmail traffic. my yahoo email works FLAWLESSLY!. it is quicker to get the messages than on my computer. as far as bbMesenger, im still figureing that one out, not many people with BB's here, or that i know in general.
    Jivetalk is pretty much the best and only choice for 3rd party chatting. i dont have it YET. i highly recomend the COLORPEARL application, its just for intrinsic values, but hey, BB's are not just about business, but also pleasure. im sorry that i can not help you as much as the others, im fairly new to the BB' myself. i love it, and after playing with my buddy's TREO, and one of the managers at my job's iPhone, ill stick with my BB forever. ive not played with the tilt yet, but hear its quite a beast. it has some competition to keep up with the mighty BB.
    01-06-08 10:02 PM
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    oh, i forgot, be sure to try out DESKTOP view on your BROWSER. it is quite the feature as opposed to just scroling and watching the highlighted area. desktopview gives you a mouse/cursor to do some real world clicking.
    01-06-08 10:03 PM
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    Wap forums ftw!


    I will say I wish I had just one more shortcut buttonm 1 for profiles, 1 for camera, and one to toggle between my different inboxes.

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    Can't help with the other ones, but I discovered that if I roll up to the speaker icon in my theme and click the trackball, I get one-click access to the Profile Selector ... roll down to "Advanced" to edit the profiles.

    01-15-08 11:09 AM
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    does anyone know how to modify SSL (leave it unchecked) in Jivetalk?
    02-28-08 01:12 PM
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    So, uh, can somebody give me a basic primer on how this BlackBerry manages memory / open programs?
    The Blackberry does multi-tasking well!

    While you are on hold with AT&T, you can do an ALT-ESC (hold ALT while pressing ESC, which is to the right of the track-ball), then use the track-ball to scroll left/right to the app you'd like to hot-switch too, much like using ALT-TAB in Windows. Highlight that app then let go of ALT to switch.

    Select one of the apps currently in the background (or always available) like Blackberry Messenger, or select the icon that looks like a house to get to your home screen to select any application.

    One important thing I discovered is that when using an app, pressing ESC to exit and return to the home screen often just puts that app in the background. It is thus still taking up memory, and is visible in the task-switch popup you get with ALT-ESC. To truely close the app you have to click the track-ball and select Exit from the menu. Don't forget you can do that easily by pressing "E", then clicking, rather than just scrolling all the way down.

    03-21-08 08:45 PM
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    Where are some really cool themes
    10-15-08 12:57 AM
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    awesome, guys, thanks for the tips so far!

    So: I'm looking at an email. I want to look at the next one. Do I really have to go back, scroll up, then select the next one?
    The wonderful thing about BB's are shortcut keys. I most commonly use:

    R - reply
    N - next
    P - previous
    F - forward

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    11-18-08 12:40 PM
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