1. Gareth2061's Avatar

    If I have multiple POP3 accounts added to my company mobile which has BES activation, is there anyway for my company to monitor what emails are coming in from those POP3 accounts? The accounts in question are Hotmail and Gmail etc.

    Thanks in advance for any advice
    08-15-12 05:12 AM
  2. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    It would depend on your companies BES policies, but they would be capable of it.
    08-15-12 06:46 AM
  3. cscott44's Avatar
    When you say monitoring do you mean the emails can actually be read or the co. Can just see the emails as they come in?
    08-15-12 09:39 AM
  4. Gareth2061's Avatar

    Both really. I guess being read would be worse.
    08-15-12 09:45 AM
  5. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    It's their account, and I presume their phone. They have a right and the ability to monitor as much activity as they wish.
    08-15-12 10:49 AM
  6. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    08-15-12 10:57 AM
  7. Heavy Fluid's Avatar
    If in doubt, leave it out. Job termination isn't worth it for personal email on a company BES device. Carry a second personal device, or just wait until later.
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    08-15-12 12:06 PM