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    February is Health & Fitness Month at Mobile Nations!

    You can follow Health & Fitness month on the CrackBerry Blogs, but in the forums here is where you can join in on the fun and get involved. This is where we're setting reasonable, attainable goals. and holding each other accountable.

    Prizes for Participation: Look, for a challenge like this the real prize is self-improvement and feeling and looking better. But of course this is CrackBerry, so we'll definitely do some contest prizes for the people who participate and get involved and keep this thread rocking (and keep me from falling off the bandwagon!).

    Get Started Now:
    Drop a post below with your health & fitness goals. And hey, since we're talking mobile here also drop in any apps, accessories, etc. that you're using to help achieve them.

    Good Luck and Have Fun Everybody. Here's to a healthier CrackBerry and Mobile Nations community!


    Ps. In case you haven't figured it out by the thread title... MoNa is how I like to abbreviate Mobile Nations. Totally cool and I like the fact when I'm talking about MoNa it sounds like I'm talking about a girl. Gotta make life fun whenever you can
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    02-03-12 10:01 AM
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    I'm in!!! I'm usually a fitness nut, but with a recent change in jobs resulting in higher stress and a long commute I don't have as much motivation to work out as I have in the past. As for goals, I really hate focusing on numbers. To me, it makes working out more frustrating than fun. So, I guess my goal would be to go from a 34" tight to a 34" loose .

    As for apps, I typically just use Android apps, including Cardio Trainer (tracks your exercise routes via gps), VirtualGym (gives you workouts to do at the gym or at home), MyFitnessPal (calorie tracker), Daily Cardio Workout (gives short cardio workouts and video instructions), and My24 (app for members of 24 Hour Fitness to review groupx schedules, etc)
    02-03-12 10:46 AM
  3. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    Am doing Insanity... it is insane!

    Used HanDBase to make my own Insanity "app."

    I also use RunKeeper app for Android.

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    02-03-12 10:57 AM
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    I just posted a review of WorkoutJournal for the PlayBook in the App forum.

    WorkoutJournal Review
    02-03-12 12:01 PM
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    So as of this morning I weighed in at 192.7lbs. That's not the heaviest I've been, but it's not the lightest, that's for sure (my heaviest was 207.5lbs after a weekend in Montreal for Adam Zeis' bachelor party. You can see my WiThings BodyWeight & Fat Chart here.

    My goal for the summer is to get my body back to where it was a decade ago, when I was in university and working out quite a bit. I was 176lbs, pretty muscular, lean-ish (not as lean as I could have been as I still ate bad). Heck, at 176 I might have been a little too skinny still, but I'd like to see 170's again. 179.9lbs would make me happy

    I really enjoy working out. Lifting weights, going for jogs, etc. And I like pushing hard in the gym. Though I've always found I workout hard best when I make it a competition... need a workout buddy to lift weights who is close to the same strength as me. When I workout solo it's too easy for me to get distracted.

    So the goal for this month.. eat better (less sugar, salt, etc.), chew more, eat better/less, and ultimately start building back a good strength base upon which i can really, really start pushing hard again.

    And if there's anybody in the "Peg who wants to lift weights with me... let me know!
    02-03-12 06:05 PM
  6. tinysalmon's Avatar
    My goal - Trying to quit cigarettes
    Although I'm quite fit as I play basketball twice a week, I really need to quit the ciggies as I found my stamina dropping over time.
    02-05-13 10:11 PM
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    Have you side loaded Runkeeper or are you still using a android device?

    just wondering how well the android app works on BB10?
    02-13-13 10:03 AM
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    Am doing Insanity... it is insane!

    Used HanDBase to make my own Insanity "app."

    I also use RunKeeper app for Android.

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    I heard about that insanity thing, my mate is on it.

    How is it? Fun? worth the money? I wouldnt do it im just curious.
    02-13-13 10:33 AM