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    February is fitness month at Mobile Nations, and you know what that means? we all get together to get in shape, share tips and tricks and recipes for success, review amazing apps and accessories, give away great prizes, and have a ton of fun!

    This here is our Nutrition MY Way contest. Simply tell us how you use your BlackBerry or PlayBook, to eat better and stay healthier. What are your favorite apps? What are your go to accessories for diet and calorie counting, recipes and meal planning, weight tracking and nutritional balance? How does your device fit your active lifestyle? We want to know!

    Write them out like a blog post. Yup, use paragraphs, list apps, list accessories, make it really helpful for anyone else interested in using their tech for exercise!

    We'll post the best entries on Friday, so get them in ASAP! Need more incentive? We'll pick one winner a week and send them a $100 gift certificate!

    You can also join our Fitness Month BBM Group to share more

    What are you waiting for, start posting NOW!
    02-11-13 12:42 PM
  2. bizzyqu's Avatar
    My BlackBerry 9930 is the essential tool for making me stay on track with my diet. I mostly use the Livestrong MyPlate Application, it is great tool for tracking calories which has been essential in the 24 lbs I have lost as of this post since January.

    The Livestrong app allows users to look up the calories of what they are eating with each meal and helps to limit snacking and blindly eating food once you see the number associated with the food you put in your body. Calorie counting apps like Livestrong make dieting almost like a game which is a great incentive and has worked great for me. You need to use strategy knowing that you need to always be thinking ahead about what else you want to eat during the day and how the food choices you are making throughout the day effect whether or not you will be satisfied by the end of the day.

    Part of the strategy of calorie counting using Livestrong or other apps like myfitnesspal, is that you quickly realize some foods are going to leave you full longer. Liquid calories like in soda for instance can add up to hundred of calories and do very little to transfer those calories to leaving you satisfied. On the flip side if you take an item like cottage cheese, where I can get 90 calories along with 10 grams of casein protein which takes longer to digest and thus leaves me full longer, is a much more "strategic" food option.

    The Livestrong app isn't perfect however, when you search for certain food items the calories can vary a lot for the same item, thanks to my BlackBerry's browser I can go online to do further research and make a more informed decision on just how many calories are in the food I am about to eat. The browser is also great for looking up a restaurant I might be going to later in the day and have advance notice of what items are available and how many calories I will have to reserve for myself during the rest of the day.

    When I cook at home my PlayBook comes out, Cooklet is a great app for recipe ideas (even if they sometimes need tweaking to cut down calories).

    I really don't think I could have lost the weight I have lost already and the weight I plan to lose if not for my BlackBerry devices.
    02-11-13 02:15 PM
  3. md812's Avatar
    I use FatSecret on my Bold 9930 to track my intake and exercise. Just using this app I was able to drop almost 50 pounds a little over a year ago and keep it off. I started just logging what I was eating every day and found out I was eating my entire recommended daily calorie allowance before I had actually eaten any real food. Having to enter that 500 calorie glass of chocolate milk into the app and seeing the chart of how much of your calorie allowance it takes up makes you think twice before you have it. I haven't gone on a diet or restricted anything I eat, using the app has just helped me to make better decisions on what I want to eat. I just recently got a FitBit to track my exercise and I am really hoping they have a BB10 app out before I get one!
    02-11-13 04:27 PM
  4. Andrew4life's Avatar
    This is not necessarily related to nutrition, but I use my BlackBerry to keep track of my weight, which of course would depend on how much I eat.
    I weigh myself each time I go to the gym and I quickly record it into the Memo app. Simple, but easy. Any time I try to remember it and record it later, I forget, so I always do it right after my workout the moment I get back to my locker. I also keep track of the times I eat out, which both helps me keep track of how much I am spending when I eat out, but also how often. If I notice I'm eating out too often, then I can try to cut back. Eating out doesn't always mean unhealthy food, but for me, it does. This is once again simply recorded in the Memo App. Sounds kind of tedious annoying, but I dont need a special app to do it for me and it allows me to easily keep track of things.
    02-12-13 01:46 PM
  5. BB_Bmore's Avatar
    All I Need my Berry for to help out is with music ....and maybe an occasional Facebook post reminding everyone that spring is coming and we need to be in shape!
    02-12-13 02:29 PM
  6. DJ Reyes's Avatar
    Remember this week is nutrition. Tell us about your healthy eating habits.

    Posted using CrackBerry App on BB10
    02-12-13 03:08 PM
  7. BBerryPowerUser's Avatar
    I am a multisport athlete so its a combination of good nutrition combined with aerobic and lighter weight training exercises that win for me. I need lean muscle mass and flexibility combined with endurance.

    My Berry helps me keep track of calories and good healthy food intake. Health forums I subscribe to give me great eating advice and help cut down on unhealthy calories. They encourage Yogurts vs ice cream or puddings, and fruit/veggies vs chips and candy. I start the day with egg whites and veggies. Mid day with yogurt and oats, and then end with Salmon or Chicken with green veggies and brown rice. If I need a snack before bed its usually a Kashi bar or a few almonds, and maybe some small fruit like cherries or grapes.

    I track this on my BlackBerry, as well as get motivation from podcasts and subscribed forums.

    I also track my workouts using MapMyRun for bike workouts and Runtastic for running workouts.

    My Berry is a very useful tool for eating healthy and staying lean and in shape.

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9780 using Tapatalk
    02-12-13 03:21 PM
  8. mdafesh's Avatar
    I have been using the Endomondo App to track my weekly running regiment. I currently run about 5kms in 22 minutes. I want to work it down to about 20 minutes by the end of February. I'm also using the app to help me work on my distance as I will be doing a half marathon in October.
    As an Ex-personal trainer I have lots of workouts that were written out by hand. Currently, I just take pictures of them and keep them on my phone. When I'm in the gym I view the pictures for the exercises while I listen to my favourite tunes on my phone. Just an idea, but can we have people post their favourite workout playlists
    02-12-13 04:28 PM
  9. caitken's Avatar
    I use my playbook and my Z10 to keep track of my morning weight using the calendar. This helps me really keep track of how different foods affect my day to day. I also use the alarms to make sure that I have no excuse for"forgetting" to work out or being lazy, that constant reminder really helps.
    As for Apps I use the livestrong app to count calories, and the cooklet app to help me find new healthy meals.
    02-13-13 04:10 PM

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