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    It's Fitness Month week 2, and that means nutrition, and that means our Eating Clean contest! Every day this week there'll be a thread in our health and fitness forums, and all you have to do to enter is tell us what you ate during the day. The idea is to get a little community pressure going so we all eat less junk food and more healthy, tasty meals and snacks. If you have a food tracker, a Withings scale, or any other device that helps you out, you can simply share your results each day!

    This is a great way to keep us all motivated and accountable, and get a little healthy peer-pressure going! Plus, every day you enter is a chance to win a $20 gift certificate! How's that for motivation?!

    You can also join our Fitness Month BBM Group to share more.

    So get ready, and get posting in the thread below!
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    02-11-13 12:38 PM
  2. Tony_11's Avatar
    In the morning I ate a little bit of yogurt with a banana to accompany a toasted sandwich with cheddar, garlic roast beef, and some greens in the middle, as well as a cup of apple juice for my vitamin C. For lunch I had a tai salad, and a side of kidney bean soup with rice and a little bit of ground beef to keep me full! For dinner I had 1 portion of home made lasagna to fulfill my dietary reference intake and 7 cups of water throughout the day!
    02-11-13 01:00 PM
  3. yenyob's Avatar
    Breakfast : Oatmeal with apples and raisins
    Lunch : Boca Burger on a whole wheat bun with Bibb lettuce. Side of pasta and sauce. (weird I know, but I work in food service and it was there)
    Later for Dinner : Chicken breast with steamed broccoli and basmati rice. Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich for dessert. Those things are awesome!
    02-11-13 03:07 PM
  4. jaBBu's Avatar
    Breakfast: 1 - 2 cups of vanilla yogurt with 1/2 cup of granola and a teaspoon of ground flax seed
    Lunch: 1/3 spinach leaves, 1/3 spring mix salad, 1/3 romaine lettuce with; red & green peppers, chick peas, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes; carrots, celery, feta cheese and almonds with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing
    Dinner: Boneless/skinless chicken breast in a teriyaki sauce with couscous or quinoa side, some raw vegetables or mixed salad
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    02-11-13 04:15 PM
  5. tinysalmon's Avatar
    Breakfast : A glass of Avocado Juice
    Lunch : An Apple
    Dinner : Hot Pot (veges, fish, sea cucumber) with family celebrating 2nd day of Chinese New Year
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    02-11-13 08:48 PM
  6. bizzyqu's Avatar
    Tracked using LiveStrong app on BlackBerry 9930
    Breakfast (390 cals): Dunkin Donuts Turkey Sausage Breakfast Sandwich 390 cals
    Lunch (115 cals): Cottage Cheese 90 cals, Bayer One A Day Men's VitaCraves 15 cals, Vitafusion Fiber Gummies 10 cals
    Dinner (478 cals): 6 oz of Chicken Breast 180 cals, 4tbl Stubb's Chicken Marinade 20cals, 2/3 cup of Alexia Sweet Potato Puffs 130cals, ~1 cup Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers Valley Blend 48 cals, 1/2 Thomas' Corn English Muffin 75 cals, 1/2 tbl Smart Balance Light 25 cals.
    Dessert (65 cals): 1 Snack Size Green Tea Kit Kat 65 cals (yes they are delicious)
    Total Calories for Day 1048
    Calories came in lower than I would have liked but at least I wasn't that active today.
    02-11-13 08:52 PM
  7. iseeblackberry's Avatar
    Breakfast - Apple & peanut butter
    gym -run, row, eliptical
    Lunch - protein shake and can of salmon
    Dinner - 1 portion of pasta and tomato sauce
    Lots of water throughout the day
    02-11-13 11:35 PM
  8. MC_A_DOT's Avatar
    Breakfast - Two banana's + two low fat yogurts
    Lunch - Chicken salad
    After work - 2 Hour gym session (Monday - Friday)
    Dinner - Soup
    Snacks inbetween - Fruit and nuts

    No carbs at all. Yeah my calorie count is low but I look good lol.
    02-12-13 07:41 AM
  9. iseeblackberry's Avatar
    Breakfast -Apple & peanut butter..Orange Juice - time for a run... my Fuel Band arrives tomorrow
    02-12-13 09:33 AM
  10. Rex_kwon_do's Avatar
    This morning I started the day with a cup of homemade yerba mate kombucha followed by 48oz of jasmine green tea. For lunch I had another cup of kombucha and a baby spinach salad with avocado, feta, olive oil, yellow peppers, and kidney beans. Dinner was another cup of kombucha, pork loin, and mixed veggies with olive oil. I had a big workout (360 one arm snatches with a 45lb kettlebell in 24 minutes) before dinner, so I did celebrate with a Fat Tire and a piece of Green Black's 80% dark chocolate. I drank about a gallon of water throughout the day. Tomorrow's meal plan will look similar except I will juice for lunch and run 10 miles before dinner.
    02-13-13 09:46 PM

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