02-12-13 11:20 AM
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  1. happberry's Avatar
    Hi CB,
    Though little off topic, we are excited to share that we are working on a new fitness and lifestyle app for all BB10 lovers developed using native cascades and will be available in BB world by end of this week (We have now got the alpha version of the app. Please dont evaluate that). It is free to download and has got some premium content in it.

    Feature 1: Content is king and this app contains 32 Yoga exercise guide with Images, step descriptions and benefits. Also, track the calories burnt through yoga. (Free)
    Feature 2: Audio instructions(Indian neutral accent) for each yoga exercise with various audio controls including repeat mode. (Premium )
    Feature 3: You have got a better exercise .Create your own exercises by adding steps, images, calories burnt and track them. (Free)
    Feature 4: You have a better workout plan. Create unlimited mashup workout plan with your own exercises and default yoga exercise. (Free)
    Feature 5: You have a weekly calorie goal. Build your garden based on how closely you achieve the target calorie goal and share it with your family and close friends. (Free)
    Feature 6: How about an integrated BMI calculator ? (Free)
    Feature 7: On top of that how about tracking your history of BMI , height, weight? (Free)
    Feature 8: Dont waste those precious calories burned while performing other exercises. Use it to build your garden.This app has a feature which calculate calorie burned by you as part of different exercises recognized by Health Department and the figures calculated are based on your weight. (Premium)
    Feature 9: Share our Yoga steps with your friends. (Premium)
    Feature 10: You want to track how many glasses of water you had - we got you. Track your water intake intuitively and help build your garden.(Premium)
    Feature 11: How about performing mediation or Reiki for a sound mind? We provide 4 soulful and natural meditation music with a beautiful image to focus (Free)
    Feature 12: Well, you need something cool ? You can now track your push ups without tapping on screen each time you perform. We have a push up counter which uses sensors in the device to track your push ups. Be creative and extend it's use. (Premium)
    Feature 13: Are you one of those guy who does long sedentary activity and need some kind of counter which alerts you for a break - We got it. We have a counter which basically provides you visual as well as device vibration alerts (instead of uncomfortable sound alerts) for informing your break time in an office environment. We use sensors to track whether you took a break from what you are doing. (Premium)
    Feature 15: Track your weekly history of your garden and calories burned.(Free)
    Feature 16: How about adding your workout plan, exercise to calendar directly from the app? (Free)
    Feature 17: Log of your workouts for each day(Free)
    Feature 18 -20 : We have many more Features. But we will let you explore (Obviously, all those are Free)

    Sound off in comments if you expect more features than above(We will make a different thread in CB Forum once the beta app is available). We will discuss and scope those requirements in future release. We don't want to do the features that big players already provide like step counting, maps, zombie run etc. Looking for fresh ideas.
    Wait for it...All the premium content costs only $0.99 . Coming soon in BB World!

    Update: Will disclose the app name once the beta version is available.
    02-10-13 10:14 AM
  2. iseeblackberry's Avatar
    Joined different cardio classes at my local gym, just enough to confuse the muscles, mixed up with running, rowing, biking, eliptical, and weights. Enough variation to enable me to go to the gym daily. it's working.. Use my PlayBook when i am using eliptical, so I can get caught up on my reading, and use my BlackBerry with my music library to keep me motivated.
    02-11-13 11:46 PM
  3. DJ Reyes's Avatar
    Please bare in mind that while Fitness Month is still going on, this contest is now over. Week two has begun and a new contest begins, you can check that out here http://forums.crackberry.com/general...my-way-770586/

    You are welcome to continue posting and sharing what you do here but no more winners will come from this thread.

    You can check out all the Fitness Month posts in the blogs too fitnessmonth2013 | CrackBerry.com
    02-12-13 11:20 AM
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