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    So, has anyone else noticed website developers adjusting their pages to be mobile friendly? Are the days of apps for websites gone or near the end?

    I say this because I feel this tapatalk and crackberry app for their forums do not fulfill my mobile needs like the mobile version of the website located by my phone's browser. In fact, the browser has been very satisfying.

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    05-16-12 10:45 PM
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    As more and more websites adapt mobile companions to the full desktop versions, and as phones become more capable of handling browsing (faster browsing through internal components as well as faster data networks/growing number of wifi networks), yes, you'll see less demand for mobile apps for websites. Apps, in general, are not going away, but apps that render website content more nicely on a mobile phone are definitely going to fade away.
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    05-17-12 10:48 AM
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    I was hoping someone could give a little insight into what I don't know thank you!
    05-18-12 01:24 AM