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    We have heard RIM say again & again that studys show that BB devolopers make more $$$ Well now we can point to independant studys that back that up.

    According to Vision Mobile:

    * The average monthly revenue from a BlackBerry app is $3,853, compared to $3,693 for iOS, $2,735 for Android and a measly $1,234 for windows.

    * The BlackBerry platform is also the most cost-effective to develop on. The typical BlackBerry app costs $15,181 to bring to market, compared to an average of $27,463 in iOS and $22,637 in Android development costs

    * Sadly the study also found that despite the fact that BlackBerry is the most profitable OS to develop for 41% of cross-platform developers intend to drop BlackBerry and 14% of only-BlackBerry devs are looking to move to a new platform. Where are all these developers going? According to Vision, they’re heading straight to Microsoft. Windows Phone was the top new destination for developers with 57 percent saying they would adopt the platform this year.

    Someone should point out to those Devs that studys show that they will make less $$ if they leave....Widows is afterall the least profitable OS out there to develop for...even worse then Android, which says a lot.

    For more info & some interesting graphs ect.
    go to Gigaom
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    I wonder if they have counted ad revenue? Because on Android it can be several times higher than revenue from sells (but in-app sales probably is higher than both of them).
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    Care needs to be taken when evaluating these figures.

    The BlackBerry platform is cetainly more profitable than others overall. By this I mean if you take the total number of apps available divided by the total revenue then BlackBerry would probably come out one top becuase of the huge number of free or very cheap apps available for Android and iOS.

    I honestly wonder what the numbers would be if you re-did this calculation with all the free apps removed from all three platforms.

    I also wonder about the "Time to develop" an app. This too could be false if the calulation included Themes which are mostly quicker to write than a full app. These would be in the calculation because themes are present on App World.

    The exodus of developers to Microsoft is quite understandable today. The Java based Blackberry platform is seen as old fashioned and arcane by many young developers. RIM too has not been helpful to its developers until quite recently. This has changed and with PlayBook and soon BB10, the same C++ language is used for BB10, iOS, Android and probably Microsoft too. This commonality will breed a lot of common apps across platforms. So even if developers are writing for Windows, porting to BB10 should not be too hard, I hope.
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