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    Great news for the Z30. What is hilarious is the reaction of the editor to the news:

    "The BlackBerry Z30 took the win in our most recent Mobile Madness head-to-head match-up. While the Moto X was the TechnoBuffalo staff choice for 2013 phone of the year, BlackBerry fans voted, shared, posted and tweeted to push the Z30 ahead. If anything, this match-up definitely shows that BlackBerry fans are devoutly loyal and will do whatever they can to promote the brand."

    It never occurred to the editor that maybe the Z30 is a better phone ? I'm not a blackberry die hard fan, but coming from Android, I do love my Z30 much more. Aren't we allowed to like better a phone that is not an iPhone or an Android ?

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    03-21-14 08:39 AM
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    It won and that's all that counts. Just remember that if they didn't have any devices to rate, they wouldn't exist. I always take those sites opinions with a grain of salt.

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    03-21-14 08:44 AM
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    Not too many people love BlackBerry just for loyalty. It is their devices made for us and suit us in different period. They started smartphone age, then lagged behind a few years, now they are catching up and jumping us to a new smartphone eras.

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    03-21-14 08:50 AM
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    04-02-14 10:11 PM
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    Rockin Z30 on on AT&T
    04-02-14 10:29 PM

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