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    Hi there! I'm having an issue anytime I try and create a mobile hotspot. I'm with Rogers, in Canada (if that makes any difference). I tried creating a hotspot last night to watch the hockey game, but it gave me the message: "Cannot start Mobile Hotspot due to a temporary network problem. Please try again later."

    I read on the forums some practical solutions and none seemed to work. As a safety measure, I backed-up the phone completely and preformed a full security wipe. After finally get the phone back and operational, it still didn't work.

    I suppose it's important to note that at one point in the last year, the phone was capable of being a hotspot and that's why I did the full reset.

    I'm really not tech savvy at all, and I need some assistance. Thank you!
    12-06-15 10:10 AM

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