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    I'm 25, smoked heavy for 10 years. Quit smoking 3 weeks ago. Quit the booze and partying(till Vegas in june). And quit the pizza and all unhealthy foods. There's many reasons for all this but let's just give all the credit to crackberries fitness blogs.

    Now I love gadgets so i got the best of the best for exercising with.
    Start of with a Bold 9900 with an otterbox commuters case of course.

    Add endomondo pro, this is the best sport tracker out there, the amount of information and statistics it gives you and the ability to compete against your old workouts or friends makes it alot of fun. I'd imagine athletes pay big$ for the same info.

    Now add novero rockaway bluetooth headphones (down with wires). I tried lots of headphones for quality and feel, these were the winners and they look awesome too.

    Top it off with a polar bluetooth heart rate monitor that pairs with the endomondo app and I'm a walking bluetooth signal lol! The heart rate monitor is a must to achieve proper workouts. gotta stay in the zone
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    Good for you. I downloaded the Endomondo app and can't wait to try it next time I hop on the bicycle.
    03-07-12 05:34 PM