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    So this ideal that your BB10 device will be able to hook up to peripherals (screen, keyboard, mouse) and act as a desktop.

    Isn't it flawed because Microsoft with their Surface OS able to do this better already?

    Who's going to write all these apps for a BB10 device when Windows already has a head start in this category? Can someone clear this up for me?

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    02-13-14 02:11 AM
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    Who said BB10 can't? It does the same thing as Surface. You got Miracast, bluetooth and HDMI.
    02-13-14 02:29 AM
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    MS are looking to get some sort of code parity, between windows RT, WP8 and Windows 8. If they were to do that, and you could run legacy programs on your phone: wow. That is mobile computing.

    Otherwise yes, ALL the current mobiles can wirelessly display to a screen and use a Bluetooth keyboard, to a greater or lesser degree.

    Android is excellently set up for this, being feature rich and having the apps. Google chrome OS is quite close to being full blown android - and one can see this is where google want to go: for students, light work and all that, the truth is that a chromebook is all you need. Sales indicate that. The iphone/ipad, likewise. Many people just need to browse and write emails or word and powerpoint, or whatever. The belkin keyboard cases are excellent.

    We're already there. But for proper mobile computing just get a galaxy note 3 and dual load Ubuntu. It is insanely good lol.

    Yes, bb10 can do some of these things, it just depends on how well. And with a change in leadership, and a refocus on enterprise; it now depends on whether they continue with this line of thinking, and who it will be for (enterprise, consumer or both).

    When windows phone gets parity with rt, ms will have an extremely capable mobile computing os that is also very lean and won't require earth shattering specs. Android is already there with kit kat - those tablets are good! - and apple are moving along.

    BLACKBERRY have an excellent opportunity to do something amazing, with bb10. They just have to do it, not talk about it.

    Mobile computing is here, blackberry must not let it pass them by.

    Oh, the Q10 for this sort of thing ROCKS! (wouldn't mind a slider though

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    02-13-14 04:10 AM
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    In regards to mobile computing, it is more than code parity or hooking up a few peripherals. It is about true interaction between devices.

    For example, sure you can display your phone on a computer and you can type via a bluetooth keyboards. But your really not interacting with another device. One is just providing peripheral support. They are still two stand alone computing platforms. One a practical level , you still have to run two separate email programs. What you would like to do is have your phone interact with the computer so that you only need one email program. This requires one to interact and use the computing resources of the second.

    I disagree with how close we are to achieving this. Apple is tied to the hip with large master kernels and treating each device as a separate computing platform. It's embedded in their DNA to the point that it cripples what they can achieve going foward. Microsoft, well let me say I'll believe it when I see it. I've been working my way through Windows 8 and I firmly believe, this has got to be the only company moving backwards. Can't speak to Google Chrome as I don't know the system particularly well.

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    02-13-14 05:08 AM

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