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    Today I received a call and I when I went to answer it the Blackberry locked up. I pulled the battery and now I have a missed call icon displayed. I checked all the usual hiding spots, messages folder, viewed calls folder, hit the "u" in messages, etc with no joy. I've also tried changing themes and battery pulls, once again no joy.

    I tried the backup/restore method of backing everything up except the calls logs but my calls logs are synched wireless since I'm on a BES. I don't want to wipe the device and then call my IT department to activate me. So 3 questions:

    1) Will wiping fix my problem?
    2) Is there anything else I can try?
    3) If I log into my company VPN, then open outlook, open desktop manager, and then select my profile will my device be automatically activated? I've heard mixed things about this method of "activation"
    10-19-09 08:52 PM
  2. Oneshortsleeve's Avatar
    It might be a longshot, but here it goes.

    Have you tried going to your Messages, hold "Alt" and press "P", highlight todays date, hit the Menu key and choose "Mark Prior Open"?

    If "Mark Prior Open" doesn't work, maybe try "Delete Prior".

    Good Luck

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    10-19-09 10:06 PM