03-25-14 07:34 PM
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    I remember going to BestBuy in Toronto in 2011 (or may 2012) and specifically asking for a PB, and -- in front of me and my GF -- the rep saying "don't get that sh*t".

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    Wish he'd worked in the UK 2 years ago........ Would have saved me dropping 270 on the bloody thing.

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    03-25-14 05:32 PM
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    This (situation with the BestBuy rep) was when they were selling for $100. At the time, I wouldn't have spent $600 for any tablet, but for a C note, the PB was a good deal at the time IMO.

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    Ok, at $100 it was a steal and can't be beat...price point changes everything, got a Q5 recently for �100 brand new sim free, a whole lotta phone for the money.

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    03-25-14 05:41 PM
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    BlackBerry should Take very serious with them because they are ruining the reputation.

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    03-25-14 05:55 PM
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    Well done!. The Z30 is awesome.
    03-25-14 07:34 PM
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