1. riholder's Avatar
    In my previous thread titled "AT&T Pre-order Craze", I was wondering about news coming in 24 to 72 hours about the Z10. After today's announcement about 1 million (one meelleon) Z10s, I am now wondering about the fate of analysts, haters, the general public who counted the device and company out. They all need to be on suicide watch (no not really, leave them be lol).

    Secondly, I thought all of this was a dream....that is until I looked at my Z10 which is a phone that is 'dead on arrival' and still has 'no hope of making it' because 'samsung and apple rule everything from toilet papers to undiscovered asteroids and there is no room in between for anything else (keep in mind, HTC is delayed but still very much alive).

    Well my fellow Crackberry addicts, it appears we must all suffer through life with the boring Z10 that had no chance. I for one will continue to keep moving with my white z10 and live in a reality where BlackBerry is back!

    03-13-13 04:42 PM
  2. Oscar_E's Avatar
    BlackBerry Gaining Back Ground on Ad Awareness while iPhone Purchase Intent Slips - Forbes

    "The Financial Times, for one, effusively makes the case that the company has out-Appled Apple: “Within 30 seconds of picking it up, I felt as if I had the iPhone 6 in my hand. Running iOS 7. It is an awesome phone, with a pleasing new operating system, BB10.”
    03-13-13 04:44 PM
  3. Bold9930's Avatar
    unfortunately, this is old news...The reality is that most didn't have the insights to understand this and most analysts have been shorting, thus controlling the direction of the stock for their benefit...Most I've seen have already reversed their bashing to positive tones virtually overnight. Analysts are the scum of the earth, next to insurance companies.
    03-13-13 04:45 PM
  4. dbmalloy's Avatar
    Between whatsapp... I million single sale...red dot award... and blufin analsys... it has been a "mind blowing" day..... good to get the licks in before Sammy's big day tomorrow... hope some of their much flaunted "features" are available or it may be day 2 of "Blackberry Madness"......
    03-13-13 04:48 PM
  5. riholder's Avatar
    In other news, Canaccord analysts changed predictions from 800,000 to 100,000 before changing again to 999,999 until finally in the next few days (if not tomorrow) they will probably do some "checks" and go back to their prior prediction of 1.3 million. Gotta love it. I wish I got paid tons of money to fling shyte at a board...oh the life lol.
    03-13-13 04:51 PM

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