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    I will soon abandon my newly buggy Palm Treo 755p and move to either an iPhone or BB. I prefer to stick with Verizon.
    Can anyone recommend the best way to migrate all my data (calendar, contacts, memos, etc.) from the Palm world to either a Blackberry or iPhone (sorry about the iPhone reference)? Is one OS more friendly to the Palm data than the other?
    Should I wait a few months for something new on the horizon?
    12-24-08 09:10 AM
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    With BlackBerry there is a Device Switch Wizard in the Desktop Manager (similar to the hotsync program for palm). This should help you move much of your information over. However, if you are currently syncing with Outlook then the BlackBerry should take up right where you left off on the palm. I switched from a 700p and everything moved over flawlessly.
    12-24-08 09:40 AM
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    If you have the 755p and got it new. You should have the install disk. with the install disk reinstall but choose outlook conduits instead of snycing with palm desktop. That the easiest way I did this exact thing except 755p to 800w but still had to get pim data to outlook from 755p. There ways to export/import but they cost money. Just make sure you change the conduits and re snyc it and then snyc bb and u good to go.

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    12-25-08 03:10 AM
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    What ya gonna do wit ya treo 755p ill take it off ya hands

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    12-25-08 02:30 PM
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    Thanks for the advice.

    After browsing this and other websites, I will probably buy a Niagara BB when it is released; and will keep my Treo as a back up device.
    12-26-08 07:46 AM
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    See my full response at the Palm Calendar on BlackBerry?
    topic. Short story: Check out CompanionLink ... even if just to upload Palm Desktop info to your BB. The app can be used for 15 days with full capability, enough time to retrieve all your key info.
    01-04-09 03:33 PM
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    I feel your pain, fellow Palm user. I've had a palm pilot since the old Palm V...and yes, I still have it. I recently gave up (sniff) on my Palm Treo 630 after a year of fighting with connectivity problems. It was such a dog - shame on Palm. I just traded it in for a Blackberry Curve 8310...and it's a learning process I can tell you.

    If you use Outlook, then transferring your data over will be a snap. the only problems I've been having (if anyone can solve these, you'll be my hero!) are:

    Recurring appointments in outlook (like birthdays) have all been changed after synchronizing to be two-day appointments with start and end times. What used to be a one-day note is now a two day appointment. Very frustrating, since I'm a heavy Outlook user with tons of recurring all-day appointments to remind myself of bills to pay, etc. I'm searching the Crackberry site and Microsoft and Blackberry...so far, nothing that helps me solve my problem. It's not related to time-zone issues between my desktop (XP) and Outlook (2007) - already looked at that.

    Other annoying "feature" in BB world - I can't seem to synchronize mail in such a way that I can prevent having to clean out BOTH my bb device AND my Outlook email. If I delete a message on one thing, it doesn't synchronize. I'm starting to miss my Palm Treo real bad here, because who wants to clean out two mail boxes every day... HELP ME BB Pros!

    Other than these two things, BB world is a little less perky, but does what it needs. Hopefully it will be more reliable that my junky Treo - which I miss, but had to have something reliable. Good luck. Perhaps we can help each other!
    01-04-09 03:49 PM
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    If anyone has Q?s. About the switch from palm or winmo. You can email or pin me.

    [email protected]

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    01-04-09 03:58 PM