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    my treo finally died, and since palm hasn't come up with any viable new product since the 680 (and more importantly a desktop manager that works with Vista 64), I figured i"d migrate to the berry. So I did the migration manager. contacts: good, todo/memos: good, claander: who knows-mine's empty.

    pictures: NOOOOOOOOO!

    did RIM think i didn't care about the SMS"s id cared to save for this long? what about the pictures I still had on my palm for 2+ years? Granted some of either should be deleated lest the wrong people find them...

    I did mass bluetooth my pictures, which was a pain to click the save button for each of 150 different images...

    i've tried googleing and searching, but I cant find a way to import my old SMS's that makes any sense ( ie. export to CSV text file and e-mail it to myself would not be helpful unless me bold can import SMS data from CSV)

    tl;dr how do I import old SMS messages from TREO 680 to BlackBerry 9000?

    thanks in advance
    12-26-08 08:36 PM
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    Have you tried the Switch Device Wizard in Desktop Manager? It requires both devices to be connected to your PC, so if your Treo is totally dead, it won't work. I haven't tried to use it to port SMS, so I don't know if it will work for that. SMS messages are treated as expendable on BlackBerries. If your device runs low on available memory, SMS messages are one of the first items deleted to free up memory.

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    12-26-08 08:49 PM
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    yeah. i did the migration wizard or whatever that came with my bold. like i said, it only got contacts amd memos.

    I dont want my SMS's to be expendable. I already changed the autodelete time . not everyone i know uses PIM messaging or whatever it's called, and I have a bunch of information "stored" in previous text messages that I would like to save. hopefully the good people here can help me out.

    12-26-08 10:14 PM
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    Once you get the SMS messages to your BlackBerry, you can save them. That will protect them from the memory recovery process. FYI, the memory recovery process takes precedence over autodelete time settings, but the Bold has sufficient memory that running out won't likely be a problem. You should run CrackMem to get rid of the junk files that come preloaded.

    All that assumes you can get your SMS from/to. If the Switch Device Wizard didn't do it, I don't know what else to suggest.

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    12-26-08 10:35 PM
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    150 pics? Damn but they must of been on a sd card standard mini or micro no matter you should been able to copy all drop and drag from card to pc then pc to new card?

    Do you have a card reader?
    Vista has an upgrade for palm desktop 6.2
    I'm just saying

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    12-27-08 02:39 AM
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    Maybe export your sms to PC just in case phone bricks anyway.

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    12-27-08 02:42 AM
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    Do you have a card reader?
    Vista has an upgrade for palm desktop 6.2
    I'm just saying

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    yah palm 6.2 is not compatable with the BB migration tool. so I had to find an old derelect box that still had xp

    i have all the sms's backed up, thats not really the problem. I just want to have my previous texts available on my phone so I know who knew what when.

    12-27-08 02:40 PM