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    i've been digging around on this forum - but cant seem to get to a silver bullet here!

    I've just purchased a BlackBerry (8820 - ATT) to replace a BlackJack, and I'm having some annoying problems with the email. I basically want to get email from my company (Outlook Exchange Push) and GMail.

    What I'm noticing is that, on the BlackJack, email would come through on my phone - but go away if I downloaded it into Outlook. I've gotten used to this - and since I dont need to carry ALL of my emails around on a device - I like the cleanliness of it.

    I set up the BlackBerry - and somewhat of a different story.

    My corporate email (i'm NOT connected to a BES - so I've configured the email with mail.mycompany.com as the server) will come through on the phone - if Outlook hasnt downloaded it first - but doesnt go away. Is there any way to change this?

    Same with GMail - I'm using POP for my Gmail account - and the mail goes into the same PST files as my corporate mail. The only difference is that I get all of my gmail in outlook, and on the blackberry. I have the POP set to erase nothing in the web client.

    Really, what I want to do is only access my email on my device when Outlook is not running, as I use Outlook the majority of the time. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can accomplish this?


    10-13-08 10:31 PM