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    "The 'experts' who never see BBM will never understand RIM

    Middle-aged suits in social media failure
    By Andrew Orlowski ē Get more from this author

    Posted in Mobile, 14th August 2012 09:01GMT
    Free whitepaper Ė BPM from back office to front office and beyond
    Analysis Written off by pundits and the markets, barely a day goes by without a fresh requiem for RIM. A recent example comes from Jean-Louis Gassee in Saving Private RIM.

    Itís a good analysis - you never get anything less from Gassee - but astonishingly BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) barely gets a mention. Of all RIMís assets, the value of BBM is consistently underestimated. BBM today is a thriving social network thatís almost as large as Twitter. To ignore BBM is like describing Porsche as a luxury leather seat manufacturer Ė Porsches have terrific bottom cushions - and completely discount the frame surrounding it.

    Yet ignore it, they do. Thereís a wilful blindness when affluent middle-aged men (invariably white) discuss RIM. Perhaps it's because BBM is used by teens. In that case, what does a tech biz analyst in his 40th floor corner office, idly planning a skiing getaway, know about the lifestyle of a 15-year-old catching a bus on the street far below? Itís a serious analytical failure and here I will give it into some context."

    For full article,http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/08/14/rim_bbm_pundit_breakdown/

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