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    I have been fighting this problem for 3 to 4 months:

    I have a 8300 on AT&T/Cingular. It is a work provided phone and is "Enterprise Activated" to a BES which talks to the Outlook Exchange Server. The problem is that email messages are randomly deleted from both my HH device and my MS Outlook inbox. I can actually see the message come in on the HH and then literally disappear a few moments later. I never see it come through outlook. From outlook if I go to "Recover Deleted Items" for the Inbox I can see all of the message that have been auto-deleted. I can tell exactly which messages are auto-deleted because the time received timestamp is the same as the time deleted timestamp. When I try to recover the deleted item in MS Outlook it auto-deletes again. The reason I am posting to this site is because I suspect that it has something to do with the BES communcation to the Outlook exchange server. When this first started I was loosing 50-60 percent of my messages. We rebuilt by BES profile and that seemed to fix the problem for a month or so but now it's back. I can power down the BB and pull the battery and the problem still happens. One other item to note is that I am using Outlook 2007 in Cached Exchange Mode. I have disabled all rules in Outlook as well. Last go around we wiped my HH and reactivated it as well.

    Anybody had this problem and if so what's the fix?

    10-27-09 10:39 PM