1. keziahamber's Avatar
    How do I solve memory problems. I have memory up, and quick pull pro. Quick pull pro always says it is falling under 19, the goes down from there if i don't allow it to reset. I notice when I use blackberry app world it goes down alot. How do I tell what's running in the background? Can you give some tips as to how to manage memory better? Does having too many apps slow it down even if they are not running?
    09-03-09 01:29 AM
  2. KasiCatastrophe's Avatar
    To see what apps are running, press and hold the "Alt" key then press the "Back" key. Make sure you hold the "Alt" key down while scrolling through the apps that are open. Releasing Alt while an app is highlighted will open that app. To properly close applications make sure you are selecting Menu > Close, or using the back key to exit out of the app.

    Also, take a look here for some tips on memory management; http://forums.crackberry.com/f3/how-...-memory-34633/

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    09-03-09 01:43 AM