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    Ok I'm not understanding how this works with the memory. I have a bb8130 pearl and a couple of times the file free under the status goes all the way down to 0. Or it drops really low. I constently delete items emails call logs etc. but it doesn't raise it very much. I can go from say 2323 to 232323 in a matter of seconds and go right back down again. I do have some purchased apps, games, bbsmart viewer email, bbsmart alarms, and iblocks for the background, but I don't believe these to be the cause. (i could be wrong) is there any way to keep these numbers up, because I have also ran into the problem of not being able to place a call when this is happening... whats the point to having a phone if you can't make a call when needed because of memory?

    Yes, I have pulled out the battery enough times, but there still I have to wait for it to cycle thru then if i'm lucky, i can make a call after about another 10 min of waiting....

    any ideas of whats going on??????
    05-29-08 05:56 AM
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    Welcome to Crackberry.

    If your Blaackberry is new then you will most likely find that there are all sorts of stuff installed by the carrier.

    You need a minimum of 12Mb for your phone to runn correctly.

    The first thing to get rid of is the Blackberry Demo Video. It takes up 2Mb. Go to Options, Advanced Options, Applications and scroll down to the Demo Video. Press Menu and select Delete.

    Repeat this with all the various languages that you know that you will never need.

    Do this for any themes that you don't need. Realistically you only need one theme. I use one of the BBDimension themes with a different wallpaper (31KB extra) and have removed all other themes except the BBDimension set which are needed for proper running.

    You only need to re-boot your phone at the end of all your deletions.

    Next, if you have a Media Card then you should move all you can to this. If you don;' have a Media Card yet then you should consider getting one to store your pictures, videos and music on. Note that this card really is a Media Card and you cannot install programs and themes there BUT, you can store uninstalled software there should you wish.

    Try the above and come back here if you have more questions. Remeber the magic number is 12MB.
    05-29-08 06:24 AM
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    05-29-08 06:41 AM
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    my file free is 16133395
    you took pictures didnt you?
    if you dont have one already you need to get a micro sd card and store all pics there
    follow the links on how to free up memory, they are very helpful
    05-29-08 08:26 AM
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    Thanks for the help but......Just to continue..... my file total is 50462720 and my file free is 0.... I have sent 3 pic messages. moved pics to my memory card, and it has started to delete call logs and emails. (which is fine) but It seems the more I use the phone the more the memory goes to 0. If I don't use it there is alot of file free. I can't even use the internet on my phone as the free memory goes down. & it takes forever to look at web pages.
    I've even erased the apps that I don't use. and went back in and deleted more just to keep the memory..... If I delete any more apps the phone would be worthless.... I can't get any preloaded pics deleted or even ring tones... I have also put items in folders and hid some icons......still........... it raises the number very little
    05-31-08 05:56 PM
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    You should really go check out the link Hazysky posted to eliminate all you can, and as was suggested, get a memory card for storage.

    Go to Options > Status > menu key > Database Sizes, and see if you have an abnormal amount of files/memory, in any of them especially Content Store. That is where pics, ringtone, etc. are stored.

    If that is not too outragous and your memory is still yoyoing after you have optimised it, you made need to have it replaced.
    05-31-08 06:13 PM
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    I would like to clear the extra languages but can only locate the one I need! Any help for the lost?

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    07-11-08 02:57 PM
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    Where are you looking Chicklet????
    @ Jen- if you have 0 file free you seriously need to do some memory optimization! NOW! Look for a post by "Pete6" look for CrackMem or something like that and use it ASAP

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    07-11-08 03:10 PM
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    Are you closing out of your 3rd party apps instead of hitting the back key? They run in the background if not closed by (menu + close). Like others said try the memory optimize thing and also if you don't use all the 3rd party apps you installed prob shld remove the ones not used. But everyone is right and pointing you in the right direction.

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    07-11-08 03:17 PM
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    CrackMem is easy to find but it will only work when you are doing a full OS re-install. But we are going to need it quite soon so please find it and download it.

    Jen, You need to get rid of some stuff quick so try this. Go to Options, Advanced Options, Applications and scroll to the BlackBerry Sample Video press Menu and selct Delete. This will get you 2Mb of memory back quickly.

    Jen and Chicklet please go to Options, About and find the 3rd line down. This is the version of your Operating system. Please let us know here what OS version you are running so that the correct version can be downloaded to your PCs.

    I have to leave soon as I am worn out from the week and it is 10:25 here in Switzerland and I'm going to bed soon but others will help you out.

    This is a fairly simple task once you have CrackMem and the OS you are running ad Desktop Manager 4.5 is installed.
    07-11-08 03:25 PM
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    There are some fairly simple memory optimization tutorials to follow to correct this problem. Look in "How-To, FAQ" forum and look for memory optimization.

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    07-11-08 03:48 PM
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    Both of you seem to have critical memory issues! I would recommend simply following Stoner's Guide... the link is in my profile!

    This will help you free up and reclaim a lot of lost memory!! I would start with a battery pull, removing the sample video and then getting a microSD card for your media so it does not take up your device memory!

    Follow Stoner's advice and you will be all set!
    07-11-08 03:53 PM
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    Also, when you're finished with a app, make sure you press menu and scroll to close. And close all unecessary applications when not in use...

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    07-11-08 03:59 PM
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    Dont have memory issues just dont want to be having them. Clearing out the junk I'll never need. Thanx for all the responses.
    07-12-08 06:42 AM