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    I've been experiencing a few issues that are very frustrating. My BBMs are getting dumped even though I show having 19+ megs of memory left.

    But I'm also trying to identify what is considered "normal" memory leak. I did a new OS install because I was going from 35 to 19 in a day...this seems like way too much??? I close apps using the menu button and have nothing other than the standard apps running in the background. Losing 16 megs in a day (notice this happens from the time I check in the morning to about mid to late afternoon).

    I only reinstalled critical (to me) apps to try to pinpoint a culprit. I have been tracking it and now I seem to lose about a meg an hour, which is better, but is this normal??

    I have installed:
    Facebook 1.5
    Bolt .94

    I'm really perplexed as to why the dumped BBMs. I wouldn't think my messages should be getting dumped with 19+ megs of memory. I mean, if that's normal then basically I have a full 20 megs of memory I can never use???

    I always keep my messages folder clean (I have e-mail accounts and text broken out and do not use the "master" message folder...I leave that hidden). So at any given time I don't have more than maybe 20 messages (e-mails). I just don't understand it.

    So, back to my original question...is there a "norm" for memory leak, and if so, what is it?
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    To me, normal is about 10 Mb for system use. I will go from 24 Mb at startup to 14 Mb over time. It holds pretty stable at that level.

    The only data impacted by a low memory event is SMS text and the Phone log. I have never encountered an Email or BBM purge resulting from low memory.

    The only thing I can think of, Did you accidentally select Delete Prior? That will purge the contents of BBM or any of the Email accounts.
    05-05-09 10:29 AM
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    Facebook is a memory hog!!!

    I deleted it right after i downloaded it. I find it much easier to just go to the facebook mobile website.

    I don't know about your other apps, but I do know that facebook hogs tons of memory.

    Also make sure you are closing out all apps when you are done using them.

    To see what apps you have running press left ATL + the back button to the right of the trackball. You should have only five apps running at ALL times which are: BBM, Browser, Messages, Call log & your home screen.
    05-05-09 10:30 AM
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    It may not be a memory leak. Did you set the Messages app to auto-delete messages? Check your setting for:

    Options > General Options > Keep Messages

    Maybe it's just doing its regular cleaning out.

    20MB is plenty of memory. My Curve starts with 20MB and stays there way generally through the day. On the other hand, maybe going down to 20MB from 35 is a little fast. If you want to track down the memory leak, maybe you should try deleting just one app at a time so you're not deprived of all of them at once.

    Theoretically, it is possible to hit low memory conditions even with lots of available flash. If you run out of object handles, the BB won't be able to allocate more memory. I don't know if this happens at all in practice. The BB's status screen does not show available object handles, but my MemStats app will show that statistic.
    05-05-09 10:32 AM
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    Thank you for the responses thus far. So I should not be experiencing performance issues at all with 19+ megs, and I definitely am.

    The BBMs getting dumped (along with FB) has been the most frustrating part. I know that sounds like the master folder is being deleted, but I hide it and don't access it. I clean each one separately and the master folder is where Facebook and BBMs reside. And the BBMs have disappeared during a battery pull, or just out of the blue. I send a message, put the BB down, pick it back up when the indicator says I have an incoming message, open it and there's only one message from the person who was replying to me. While I am willing to concede some of the dumps could have been my fault, I'm certain not ALL of them are my fault. I've never gone below 19 megs.

    My auto delete was set up for 30 days...and I know the BBM chain I had going wasn't 30 days old. I have changed to Forever so we'll see if that does anything.

    It sounds like dropping 10 megs throughout the day might actually be normal? Even with closing apps not in use (via the menu)? So going from 35 to 25 after a day would be "normal"? That seems like a lot of memory considering most of these apps are under 500 kilobytes!
    05-05-09 11:48 AM
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    The memory issue is relative to what apps you have on the phone and what OS you are currently running. I have a fair amount of apps, but only what I use frequently. I try to put everything in a folder and keep the home screen as "bare as possible". With the OS I am currently running (Lyricidal's Beta OS 6v5)..I boot to 40 megs and only lose 2 megs in the entire day (work and home). Make sure you close out any programs you use unless you for sure want them to run in the background. I reset or battery pull every morning, and you can get a program called MeterBerry that will not only do resets, but will allow you to monitor your app. memory, clear the Event Log, as well as many other things.
    07-26-09 10:15 PM
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    Slacker and bolt are gonna drain memory anytime they're used, even after you close them. I got rid of slacker cuz it was killing my phone memory. I lose about 6mb a day and I use all kinds of progs. Let's just say my battery gets charged every 12 hours

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