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    How do I check the amount of internal memory left? What do curves start out with, anyway?

    Never mind-- I found it!
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    Ok, I understand that I can't run an app from the sd card, but I want to clarify if I can save some of the themes that I don't use often on the sd card and then put them back on the internal memory if I want to use them again.

    12-07-08 05:26 AM
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    One other thing you can do with the memory card:

    BBNotePad is a small free app that allows you to save memos and text files to the memory
    card instead of device memory. May not be useful to many, but I have a ton
    of these things and now they are not living in device memory.
    Where have I been this app. is great ! I have a ton of lists / memos saved to my Dev. memory.....No more.

    What other little gems are you hiding from me ????
    12-07-08 08:53 AM
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    I have 3 memory cards all are 4GB or higher and a holder that fits in my wallet incase I need to swap on the run.or before I can upload to a computer. But I use the camera, voice recorder, and video a lot. Then each card is updated as soon as I can to have all the same ringtones so when I switch it don't mess with my custom rings.
    Memory cards are very important to any PDA device. Until the day we are a BB with a 80GB+ memory and 4GB ram lol that day may be sooner than anyone thinks. Look at how fast the laptop is growing thanks to AMD

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    12-07-08 09:43 AM
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    OK, I've been wondering about this whole b/u -> SD card thing for a while. When I had my first Palm, I could back it up to an SD card (I think it was an 8Mb card - ha, ha, ha!). Is there a faq or thread that explains step-by-step how to b/u and restore? I too go out of town a couple of times a year for work and since I don't take my laptop, it'd be nice to have a b/u on the card.
    12-07-08 01:28 PM
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    No way that I'm aware of to back up directly to your card. You can backup and save the file (ipd) to your card, then if something goes wrong you can find a PC and install Desktop Manager and use your saved ipd file to restore. Not very practical, since I know when I travel there isn't a lot of time for that. I haven't found any third-party backup applications like on Palm or Windows Mobile.

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    12-07-08 03:00 PM
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    Thanks SJ - that's too bad. It'd be a great app to have.
    12-08-08 08:26 AM
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