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    I am posting this in here because it will contain elements of rumors that hasn't been confirmed as yet. Please feel free to correct me whenever I may be wrong.

    I live in Barbados and tech news we get generally are from the US. Unless one decides to research and read, the real story about Blackberry is lost. As for 90%, I dare say even 98% of the people here believe the hype that Blackberry is dead, based on US news and tech pundits who lace their blogs and sites with rhetoric.

    I have been using a Blackberry device from 2009 and only stopped using one in July this year for 2 main reasons:
    1) The Blackberry brand is tarnished here, so selling my phone would be more difficult.
    2) I want a BB10 phone, and I wanted to get a feel for touch.

    I still miss the experience of Blackberry.

    Over the last 6 months I have seen many doubt the resurrection of RIM to its former self. I have watched the comparisons folks have made to the other mobile companies.

    This is what I have noticed.

    Apple doesn't only make money on mobile alone, they make boat loads on desktop and laptops and their stock reflects not just mobile but everything Apple does. Samsung has it's fingers in almost everything. Microsoft (does this even need mentioning?) Google, think the point is made that all the other companies competing in the space do more than just mobile.

    RIM on the other hand, whether it is enterprise or consumer, all they make in the end is phones with services for them. I believe its incredible the success they had based on what they did. Pretty much every other success company from 2010 to now has something other to fall back on. This is why Samsung is the only vendor really making any money on Android. HTC is suffering. Sony is trying but I don't think they give a big enough push to make it matter, for that matter, all the other vendors are trying.

    As the market shifts into its next phase, It will be interesting to see who lasts. RIM has been pronounced dead but it seems the people who have called the end use the same system as the mayans.

    Apple has stunted, unless blind or just so caught up on popularity fumes one can see, Apple hasn't brought anything new to the space with the last 2 iphones, and the ipads are just being flooded into the space. From where I stand, nothing new. Google is continuously evolving Android but it consistently has one major flaw which is security. As the market moves more and more mobile. Android will fail.

    RIM has had the security edge, but can BB10 really take us to the next generation? I believe it can. Many folks are hinting at which apps will be coming, eg skype and netflix, but with news of BBM desktop coming, and with RIM channeling PINs to BBID, which would make way for a desktop version, I believe skype will be a non issue.

    Jan 30th will be a very interesting day.
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    12-26-12 11:13 AM

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