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    When a user's assistant creates a Meeting Request in Outlook, and sends it to both the user and other people, it shows up as expected in Outlook for everyone, and on the BB for the other people. But for the user, they only get an email on the BB with the subject and who it was sent to. Nothing about the time/date or any details about the meeting.

    It does show up in the user's calendar in both Outlook and BB.

    We are using the BB Torch 9800 on AT&T, and going through a BES Express server. Is Exchange 2003 on the backend.

    This is not unique to this user, have reproduced this on other BB. We recently changed from BB 8830 on the Alltel network with the full BES server, and the user says the meeting requests worked fine before on the old BB.

    Running version

    Anyone have an idea on how to change this behavior?
    05-31-11 10:25 AM