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    Meet the BlackBerry wizardry that created its 'better Android than Android' - The ingenious hack that throws the company a lifeline

    Exclusive Some remarkable technical wizardry lies behind BlackBerrys Android coup. When it was launched in January, BlackBerrys new OS was brand new BlackBerry 10 and largely app-less. But today it can execute Android apps at impressive speed. How did they do it? Thanks to some helpful inside knowledge, The Register will reveal it all.

    Source: Meet the BlackBerry wizardry that created its 'better Android than Android' • The Register
    11-26-13 06:36 PM
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    Posted via my BlackBerry Z30.
    11-26-13 06:43 PM
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    All hail BB.
    11-26-13 06:44 PM
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    Don't let cjh see this again, he will start miss using the word hack in the modern sense rather than how it was intended in this article.

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    11-26-13 06:49 PM
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    Still don't care for Android apps on a Blackberry. It's a temporary solution but a permanent solution is needed asap.
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    11-26-13 10:06 PM
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    "... dynamic cross linking..." with QNX Was a hardware mod included in the schematics perhaps?

    I think if this pursuit continues it'll only mean sky rocketing costs for BBRY in keeping up with hardware specifications for consumerism... chasing high-end Android apps and their developers etc.

    And I don't believe the risks of potential security breaches could afford this continuation either. But, I know 'bugger all' about engineering these things, so maybe a better and a more resourceful choice would be to start funding developer incentives, i.e. with a codified optional developer etiquette for an official BBRY ranking -- push some real ingenuity and competition etc. into the BBRY market.

    Seriously, the opportunities are simply endless.

    Anyway, nice job on the "intensive" hack
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    11-27-13 06:41 AM

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