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    My wife just informed me that her employer (the 3rd largest medical clinic in WA St.) is telling their providers not to get the BB10 as they cannot get their email system to be work with BB10. I believe they have a Outlook based system.

    Of all the issue in front of BB, I believe they need to come up with a system that works for all seamlessly. Even if this means they need to create their own system that everyone can forward to and syncs both ways.

    Unfortunately, I cannot get their IT dept to get back to me so I can get more details. They are fighting the installation of other software issues, so this is a minor issue to them. They just advise to get Android or IPhones.

    I have not been able to email, calendar, and contacts to sync between my Z10, Playbook and Live Mail. Just saying.
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    06-07-13 01:24 PM
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    Interesting. Maybe the mods can edit the thread title to be less ambiguous. (suggestion)
    06-07-13 01:27 PM
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    Don't worry a fix will be released ..........................



    wait for it


    06-07-13 01:29 PM

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