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    I do not have a BB plan but somehow just got at&t to add an unlimited medianet plan w/ 200 text or mms messages to my account for 19.99 (I even called back to ok it w/ another rep and they said it was fine as well).

    Im a little worried about data charges, but the plan is unlimited so I should be ok, right??

    Anything else that I should know before I get blindsided w/ some off the wall charge.

    What am I missing out on w/ medianet in lieu of a bis plan?

    All of this along w/ a 29.99 refurb Curve I feel like this is too good to be true.

    01-12-08 09:46 PM
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    I log on to media net, but then i can go to yahoo or google and search or type in any url and go to any website.

    i can now mms text as well, but i was wrong about the plan, it does not include any messaging.

    I suppose i cant push email, but what else is different?

    For 10.00 per month savings, i'm ok manually checking email when i have time.

    my only concern was that i would be getting charged seperately when im not a media net site, however after all of this research im not sure if that is right.

    I called at&t twice and two reps told me that the plan I was on was geared twards blackberrys and i was ok
    01-13-08 06:07 PM