1. mishii247's Avatar
    Remember when we all wanted to boycott Sprint for not carrying the Z10? I even switched to Verizon just to get the Z10. In retrospect, maybe that had this one right all along. They knew it was the Q10 and not Z10 that would be of interest to the core users.
    06-30-13 12:08 AM
  2. Lendo's Avatar
    Not necessarily ... I've got both
    06-30-13 12:10 AM
  3. opteron7's Avatar
    Currently have the Nexus Galaxy on Sprint and my contract is up as the 1st of July. I really want a physical keyboard and I was hoping Motorola would release an updated photon q. But it seems Motorola has giving up on the physical keyboard, but who know unless moto X is released in August with a physical keyboard. If Sprint doesn't release the q10 soon I may just have to pick up anything that's available by the end of the month. I have always used a physical keyboard with following phones on sprint; Treo palm 650<8703e<8830<8900. Then I jumped ship and went with Nexus s 4g, mostly because of apps. Since I have a tablet now my phone basically works as an email and phone workhorse(text messages) and using virtual keyboard just sucks for me.

    Here is to Q10 to be released soon (sprint are you listening).....
    07-02-13 09:21 AM

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