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    After years of continuously bashing BlackBerry, it seems even Mashable can't help but acknowledge that BlackBerry is back in business.

    Mashable: "BlackBerry's turnaround is happening. Seriously."-screen-shot-2014-10-20-9.13.39-am.png

    "It's not going to happen overnight, but they're doing the right thing, slowly and steadily. Once that ship changes course and starts setting the right path, things will change."

    The article (read here) is balanced, well written and even praises the rapid sale of the Passport. Give it a read; what do you think of the article?

    The author of the post - Todd Wasserman - is a regular contributor for Mashable, and has a history of writing thorough, well-balanced articles on a wide range of topics. Full list of publications here: Todd Wasserman on Mashable
    10-20-14 08:59 AM
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    Already being covered in another thread.


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    10-20-14 09:39 AM
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    Didn't realize. If a moderator wants to merge the threads / delete this one.
    10-20-14 11:31 AM

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