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    We all know that RIM has travelled a bumpy road when it comes to marketing. They've tried different things, some good some bad.
    As i posted about a couple weeks ago, there are some police forces in Canada and the USA using PlayBooks instead of the standard police computer because of their size, security, ease of use, safety (in the crash tests) and many other things. Maybe, (in addition to that great add I saw someone post of a guy proposing to his girlfriend with his playbook and Blackberry smartphone), they could use real life advertising and have short interviews or discussions with police officers in Canada and the US about why they are switching to the playbook for their police computers.
    Also, I've seen articles about government departments and large corporations switching to BlackBerry smartphones and the Playbook, including the Pentagon, Toronto ETF, security forces and more. They could bring out the cool side of those things if they advertise it right. I'd be really interested in an ad with a police officer driving an RCMP Tahoe using his PlayBook to look up a suspect on the database. It's like in movies when you see cops driving their cars and SUV's, it's just cool.

    If you're not sure what articles I'm talking about, here are a couple of them, so you don't think I'm just making things up.

    Pentagon approves use of BlackBerry 7 models | News | Tech | Toronto Sun

    BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Finds a Fit With Law Enforcement - Mobile and Wireless - News & Reviews - eWeek.com

    SIDEBAR: The star car at BlackBerry World - Page 1 - Departmental and End User Computing

    Hey RIM... If anything like this is ever done, use Canadian police forces! There's no place like home. People will appreciate it
    05-15-12 08:41 PM
  2. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    Only problem I see with this tact is that it is too "agency" specific. Going this route
    I feel would not do very much to move the perception of BlackBerry as a business
    centered device.

    RIM is still doing extremely well in the enterprise segment and it is doubtful, for a
    variety of reasons, that that will change anytime soon.

    Their marketing should really be on what everyday people such as small business
    people, students, stay at home moms, deployed soldiers, your basic working
    stiffs, etc use the BlackBerry for. Show the productivity side as well as the entertainment
    and social aspects and I think that would be a winning campaign.

    The enterprise space gets it, it is the consumer space they need to better capture.
    05-15-12 09:24 PM