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    Just found this while suffering the net ....good read too

    Vodafone Spain admits 3,000 smartphones shipped with Mariposa • The Register

    not so great now android
    05-16-10 03:07 PM
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    Vodafone Spain admits 3,000 smartphones shipped with Mariposa

    Pre-pwned snafu not so isolated after all

    Vodafone Spain has accepted that 3,000 customers were potentially exposed to malware after Mariposa botnet agents strayed onto the HTC Magic smartphone.
    The infection of microSD cards for the HTC Magic with the Mariposa information-stealing client and other strains of malware was first reported after Vodafone Spain supplied a malware-infected Android phone to a Panda worker earlier this month. Earlier this week a second infection was reported, involving a HTC Magic phone supplied by Vodafone to a security consultant at S21Sec. ...
    Get a free worm with your "new" media card.

    Mariposa Botnet Uses AutoRun Worms to Spread - Trend Community

    Mariposa Botnet Uses AutoRun Worms to Spread

    Though the Mariposa botnet first became known as early as the second quarter of 2009, it has been in existence as early as December 2008. Typically, botnets carry with them binaries or malicious files that their perpetrators use for various purposes. As the botnet took flight toward notoriety, Trend Micro threat analysts found WORM_AUTORUN.ZRO, a worm retrieved from compromised systems that were found to be part of the Mariposa botnet. This worm has the ability to spread via instant-messaging (IM) applications, peer-to-peer (P2P) networks, and removable drives. Some binaries were also capable of spreading by exploiting a vulnerability in Internet Explorer (IE). ...

    Users also need to exercise caution when visiting malicious websites purporting to be legitimate to avoid system infections. Finally, Mariposa binaries are automatically executed when introduced to a system via removable devices. As such, users should disable Windows’ AutoRun feature to prevent programs on such drives from automatically running on their systems. ...
    ... or, make sure your Windows updates are current and your Anti-virus/malware protection is up to date.

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