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    Hey everyone this is my first thing ever posted on crackberry im super excited! Anyway I have the Pearl 8130 and I love it but im not feeling that im getting the most out of it I have a awesome plan which I can use anything on my phone without being charged the only thing I get charged over for is minutes but my plan is only 55 dollars so its not bad. OK ON TO THE ACTUAL SUBJECT I would like to use my maps but it never finds the satalites for some reason! when I use the app poynt (which I love but the new update messed me up a little) it can find me usually so is it because virgin mobile doesnt have gps set up on my phone?
    Thanks, Shawn

    ps: if anything I said sounds weird or stupid to you its because im an ***** whos quite unaware which is why i need this help lol.
    07-29-09 09:25 PM