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    This might be a stupid question and I wasn't exactly sure how to search for it in the threads so I figured some nice CrackBerry member would help me out. I just upgraded the OS on my berry to 4.5 and my wife loves it and now wants it on her Pearl (8100 from AT&T). My berry is for my personal use and she got her through her work. From what I can tell I cannot see anything blocking her from making any changes. We've added and removed apps with no issues. I know the installation will be different in that I'll have to remove the vendor.xml file for her version. My question is, and this isn't quite clear to me from looking at it, but how do I manage two different berrys from one PC? Will desktop manager recognize them as different and when I do a backup it'll save the data on her Pearl in a different spot from where it saved the data on my Curve? Is there something in desktop manager I need to do? I know more than a few of you have multiple berrys so I'm sure it can be done. I just don't want to delete my backed up data with her data and vice versa. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    10-28-08 01:11 AM
  2. sunkast's Avatar
    She should get permission from her employer first. Is her BB on BES?
    10-28-08 01:15 AM
  3. Dawg357's Avatar
    I have two different BBs on BIS that I control from same computer - - the desktop manager recognizes the different PIN numbers and keeps everything seperate that way so you should not have a problem unless like the post above you have some issue with BES instead of BIS or company issues. The only thing I would consider is keeping your backups that you create in DM in seperate folders on the computer - one folder for her backups and one for yours. I have my 8320 and wife's 8700g on same computer.
    10-28-08 02:20 AM
  4. johnmorganjr1's Avatar
    I'd get permission to upgrade. My son and I both use a BB and have no issues with sharing the DM. That is a good idea about seperate folders for backups....thanks dawg.
    10-28-08 07:17 AM
  5. edchauss's Avatar
    Her BB is on BES. I should have her ask her IT department for permission. Upgrading could cause her some issue somehow. Also, thanks for the tip on using different folders, Dawg. If I am able to upgrade her I'll take that into account.
    10-28-08 05:08 PM