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    I am a BES admin and publish public folder contacts to user devices but I need help organizing contacts for our users. Currently in Outlook we organize contacts by Categories which works great for us.

    1. On my BB Torch when I go to contacts and select filter I can select a category to filter which is fine. But we have many different categories like Sales, Purchasing, Automotive, and Aerospace. How can users organize their contacts when you can only filter one category at a time. For example I have a Aerospace Manager that would like to filter contacts on his phone to show his personal outlook contacts, and Aerospace contacts only. I also have a General Sales manager that would like to filter contacts on his phone to show his personal, Aerospace, and Automotive contacts. I am not sure how to do this.

    2. Even after I filter contacts on a device when I create a new message and start typing a name in the to field all the contacts show up. I would like it to populate based on the filter that I have applied.

    Maybe there is a better way to do this but I need help either way. Thanks in advance.
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