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    i wonder where are we going now - considering current CEO being part of (current & past) management thus in line of Apple (Jobs - Cook) rather than Nokia & Palm ( which pretty much hires an external CEO during major change/crisis). Logically an ex- management should have faster learning curves on technical operational and office politics. again time will tell if Heins can get things going well, and fast.

    As for external CEOs, at the end we could pretty much says that J Rubinstein self-destruct palm (by changing out to webos from palm os, poor hardware, poor battery, USA only etc) and the situation is pretty similar here with Nokia/Elop with the change to windows phone (which almost certainly do nothing but bring Nokia further down). A meego & symbian would probably survive better for Nokia, rather than current role of being a WP manufacturers which puts Nokia no better than a handset company a la HTC with no own ecosystem at all.
    HP do the same, with Apotheker driving HP over the cliff for no obvious commercial nor strategic reasons. But then he can still get away with millions of $ for such a pathetic performance.
    RIM splitting in two will surely means ugly death as the last competitive advantage (messaging system) is split with the handset which has no way of surviving once the messaging system is licensed out. Why would anyone buy a BB if Android/IoS users can license a BB data & messaging system?
    06-25-12 01:26 AM