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    Tuesday, September 30, 2008
    UPDATE: Man accused of encrypting BlackBerrys for drug ring
    Nathanael Lineham of Newport Beach is charged with involvement in U.S.-Canada conspiracy.

    SANTA ANA A Newport Beach man was among seven people arrested this morning on charges of involvement with a drug-trafficking ring that allegedly imported ecstasy and marijuana from and sent cocaine to Canada, federal prosecutors said.
    Nathanael Garrard Lineham, 39, founder of The Datalocking Company, based in Aliso Viejo, allegedly used his position to provide encrypted BlackBerry mobile e-mail devices to members of the ring so they could evade detection by law enforcement.
    The company also did business under the name beStealth, prosecutors said.
    Two phone messages left with The Datalocking Company werent immediately returned. Phone numbers listed on beStealths Web site arent in service.
    On Tuesday morning, agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration served a search warrant on the offices of The Datalocking Company, which is housed in a fourth-floor suite of a business building at 65 Enterprise in Aliso Viejo, said Thom Mrozek, spokesman for the U.S. Attorneys Office. That search warrant is under seal, he said.
    Altogether, 18 people were charged in two separate indictments after a two-year investigation that prosecutors dubbed "Operation Candystore."
    During the investigation, authorities seized money and narcotics, including a 60-kilogram shipment of cocaine and a 35-kilogram shipment of cocaine, prosecutors said.
    Many of the defendants reside in Los Angeles County, while some live in Canada. The only other Orange County resident charged in the case was Fausto Villa Perez, 49, of Santa Ana, who was arrested this morning, prosecutors said.
    Lineham is named in both indictments. In addition to allegedly encrypting Blackberries, he is accused of supervising the movement of drugs and money within the U.S.
    According to a press release from The Datalocking Company that quotes Lineham, the companys private messaging service offers best-in-class security to individuals who are concerned with the proprietary information that's often contained within their e-mails.
    Prosecutors allege that the ring was overseen in the U.S. by Jason I. Ming Wei, 30, a Canadian who lives in Temple City. Wei was arrested Sunday night at Los Angeles International Airport while preparing to board a flight to Canada. Wei made an initial court appearance Monday and was ordered held without bond, prosecutors said.
    Also arrested today were Jerry Fanyuan Lin, 32, of Temple City, who allegedly obtained narcotics from Wei and had his own distribution network; Michelle Enck, 39, of Santa Monica, who along with Lineham is charged in both indictments; Jose G. Garibay, 28, of La Puente, who allegedly supplied methamphetamine to another defendant; Ming Chien Hsieh, 24, of San Gabriel, who allegedly distributed narcotics for Lin; and Alexander Chiang Pou, 19, of Santa Barbara, a U.C. Santa Barbara student who allegedly was involved in a series of drug transactions with Lin.
    Perez is accused of helping to distribute cocaine on behalf of Wei, prosecutors said.
    Those arrested this morning are expected to make their initial court appearances this afternoon in U.S. District Court in Santa Ana, prosecutors said.
    The other U.S. defendants are being sought by authorities. Prosecutors expect to file provisional warrants against the Canadian defendants in coming days.
    If convicted of the charges in the indictments, most of the defendants would face mandatory minimum sentences of 10 years in federal prison, prosecutors said.
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    I found this article interesting. hope you like it.
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    Pretty cool story man...
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    great read!
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    Now that's taking "crackberry" to another level! Lol

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    Now that's taking "crackberry" to another level! Lol

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    That was my first thought as well.....
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    Now that's taking "crackberry" to another level! Lol

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    Ahhh-Haha! Oh, that made my day. Thanks.
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    Haha good read.

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    YEAH YEAH!!! NEWPS GETTING INTO THE NEWS hahaha. I always get a kick when I watch Ocean's Eleven and Andy Garcia says "If I catch you buying a $100,000 car in Newport Beach, I am going to be very disappointed..."
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    Does this mean old people will look down on kids with berry's and think they are drug dealers like they used to with pagers?
    10-05-08 10:59 PM