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    I will admit that I was pretty disappointed hearing and reading the news about RIM...even though I expected it and expect for things to get a little more grim than better for a little time. I will admit I was frustrated, angry, and hurt, which I still find very weird that I am this invested in a company...lol!! Really? LOL! Reading all the different reports and news about the state of RIM can leave a fan of RIM pretty disheartened.

    However, I had to go back and really review the acquistions RIM has made over the last 2 years, how some of them are being used, and the potential for these acquistions in future RIM products. This is when my faith and excitement began to increase about the wonderful possibilities ahead for the NEW RIM. I am starting to understand just how much time it takes to incorporate new technologies and services into a completely new device and OS system. People give RIM slack for the lack of what has been produced over the last 2+ years, but it takes a while to get that technology into new devices. I mean Apple and Android have acquired various companies and it took a while for them to show up in new devices.

    Although the Playbook was introduced half finished, it was and still is a great device! And looking at all that the Playbook can do, I can't help but get excited for what BB10 will have in store for us. There will be many who will say that RIM/BlackBerry fans are wearing rose-colored glasses (and many people said the same EXACT thing about Apple and Android ) and that the end is near for RIM....and yes it is...the end is near for the OLD RIM!! RIM is completely restructuring and rebranding themselves and that will bring along some growing pains....all companies that have done it have gone through growing pains...but from the ashes I believe we will see a stronger and better RIM, who have hopefully learned to never take their status and consumers for granted again, and to never disregard potential competitors, and to ALWAYS, ALWAYS work on innovating and refining their products!! I am excited, nervous, and anxious to see just what RIM has up its sleeves.

    So to all the BlackBerry fans out there (both old and new and even those who are on other platforms, but continue to frequent BB fan sites ) stay strong, stay patient, stay fierce, and BE BOLD!!!
    05-30-12 02:28 PM
  2. Chrisy's Avatar
    Stay Calm and Be Bold! Nice post! I'm very excited for BlackBerry 10 while still very happy with my current bbOS.
    05-30-12 02:31 PM
  3. sookster54's Avatar
    Been a long time BB user, went to Android about 3 years ago and then went back to Blackberry, well, I went back to Android over a week ago. Most of the people I know has abandoned BB themselves and either with iPhone or Android. I commute everyday and I see fewer and fewer BB phones on the train and bus now, and the falling stock isn't helping.
    05-30-12 02:35 PM