1. magnetica's Avatar
    I currently have a Curve attached to Vodafone UK service.

    I have a "mail2web" account and used to use this sync all my outlook info on my windows mobile device.

    The mail2web service states you can do this for Blackberries but I am having problems.

    The following is the instructions to set it up:

    Setup Steps for version 4.x Firmware Handhelds:

    If you have Outlook 2003 open for this account, please close it before proceeding.
    Make sure that you have a strong signal on your handheld. You can check this from 'Options' -> 'Status' -> 'Signal'. For a successful activation the value should be should be between 0 and -90.
    On the home screen of your handheld, select 'Enterprise Activation'. If you do not find Enterprise Activation on your home screen, you can find it in 'Options' -> 'Enterprise Activation' or 'Options' -> 'Advanced Options' -> 'Enterprise Activation'. Then enter the following credentials.
    Email Address *******************
    Activation Password: **************

    NOTE: This is NOT your regular password.
    Over the next few minutes, your handheld will download a new service book and start synchronizing your PIMs (Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes) wirelessly.
    NOTE: you do not need to install any software as all synchronization is done completely wirelessly[/SIZE]

    My question where is the Enterprise Activaiton. I can't find it on my blackberry. I have looked in the advance options but it is not there.

    09-13-08 10:50 AM
  2. scottjb's Avatar
    You only have Enterprise Activation if you're using BES. It sounds like you're using BIS. I think Mail2Web's BalckBerry service requires BES, and an extra $15 per month.

    I used M2W's free service when I used a WinMo device and liked it--it was great for a free service. I don't use it any more because I have BIS and don't want to pay the extra $15 for their service. I now use Funambol a s a free OTA backup service for contacts and tasks. This might not help you, but have a look.
    09-13-08 01:43 PM
  3. NikiLuv73's Avatar
    Awww man. I love mail2web as my main mobile email. I guess I have to let everyone to use my bb email.
    10-15-08 07:49 PM