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    Have you used the training videos and/or guide book, and if so what are your thoughts on Made Simple products? Worth it? Thanks for all your input.
    09-19-09 07:28 PM
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    anyone use there products?
    09-20-09 11:39 PM
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    Last try...
    09-21-09 11:58 PM
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    ...hello...anyone???? so no one has ever used it?
    10-03-09 07:49 PM
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    Cricket chirping.

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    10-03-09 07:53 PM
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    This refers to posting with the deliberate intention to either pad your post count or to keep a thread 'hot' so it appears at the top of the forum. Bumping can sometimes be useful, but you must wait three days from the original post to bump the thread. Only one bump is allowed per thread per user. CrackBerry.com's moderator’s reserve the right to delete useless “bumps” at their discretion.
    10-03-09 09:11 PM
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    Good to know, I didn't see that in the rules. Please close thread, thanks
    10-03-09 10:58 PM