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    Not sure if the mods will allow this (since it's not specific just to BB10 phones), but it's something I saw and thought would be of interest to my fellow Crackberrians.

    In addition to delving into what the headline mentions, it's also interesting to see which countries have the best LTE speeds. Thought this would be of interest to a broad spectrum of members.


    Report: LTE speeds drop in US over the last year
    Report: LTE speeds drop in US over the last year | Mobile World Congress - CNET Reviews

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    02-22-14 01:23 AM
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    Moved it into General Discussion due to the broad nature of the subject/article.
    02-22-14 01:47 AM
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    IMO even the slower LTE speeds is fast enough for me. I would rather the carriers spend their money on making their networks more reliable and have more signal bars in more places.

    The more signal bars we have the less battery our phones uses. It will allow our batteries to last longer. There are also still too many places that I don't even get a signal or I get really slow 2G speeds.

    Sometimes my LTE speeds are faster than my home Internet, so faster speeds don't interest me. Reliability, signal strength, and coverage in areas I use my phone is more important to me.
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    02-22-14 02:54 AM
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    Down here in South Africa we don't even have LTE yet, Vodacom claims to be running it but when the network is analysed it doesn't prove to be LTE. Cell C haven't even started rolling it out, and MTN is the same as Vodacom. So we are F'ckd.

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    02-22-14 03:16 AM
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    South Korea and Japan, IMO, have always been the leaders in LTE technology. They're up to LTE-A now?
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    02-22-14 01:30 PM
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    I'm on Rogers in Canada, and the speeds vary by location, but when it is fast it is very fast!
    02-22-14 09:20 PM
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    In Toronto on Rogers I usually get about 55 megabits per second download and 20 megabits per second upload speeds. The ping time is not as great, usually averaging in 20 ms range.

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    02-22-14 11:27 PM
  8. anon(4086706)'s Avatar
    I hate to be in PH *sigh* LTE = 5Mbps at average. I did experience 12 - 27Mbps on the first few months though.

    What's worse is that our carrier placed a "Fair Use Policy" for 1GB / day AND 3GB / month (the latter has been halted implementation due to subscriber outrage) affecting existing "Unlimited Plans" something that isn't explicit in the contract. And yet we're paying �25$ / month for that.

    To put an example on how bad Internet in my country, I'm currently subscribed to a DSL Plan for 2Mbps at... 60$. Only that because I'm in a rural area. The upside though is that it has no capping and I have less competition, getting the full 2Mbps speed =)).

    Z30 | Z30STA100-2/ | Globe PH
    02-22-14 11:32 PM
  9. CDM76's Avatar
    $60 for no capping. Must be nice!!!! In Canada paying 70$ month for 3GB

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    02-23-14 12:38 AM
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    Tmobile 4g even at full strength sucks major donkey balls, i absolutely hate it. Luckily i get 2 bars of lte in my house and that alone blows away 4g by a long shot.

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    02-23-14 12:45 AM
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    Tmobile 4g even at full strength sucks major donkey balls, i absolutely hate it. Luckily i get 2 bars of lte in my house and that alone blows away 4g by a long shot. I'm ft lauderdale florida btw

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    Posted via CB10
    02-23-14 12:48 AM
  12. room2046's Avatar
    Loving my 24.5 megabits per second download speed here in Sydney. I live in the city. So I have great Vodafone coverage. But when I travel out of the city 4G coverage is very sketchy

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    02-23-14 08:22 AM
  13. Rootbrian's Avatar
    I'm a windmobile customer, they don't have LTE yet, but since I don't care what the speeds are, it's satisfactory enough for me. Besides, I have wifi (25/10) at home if I really need true blazing speeds. Wind's unlimited data is more than enough for me on the go, even if it's faster than most wifi hotspots, or slower, as long as the responsiveness (ping) is lower than 250 ms without any packet loss, I'm good.

    Besides, I'm paying $39/month and getting more than you would on the larger carriers in canada for less than half the price. Not teasing anyone either, it works for me and I don't live at the very top of a high rise building so it's all good.

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    02-23-14 08:51 AM
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    I'm extremely satisfied with Sprint's 4G in my area
    02-23-14 11:14 AM

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