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    My Storm 2 is slowing down and I have little space left on the actual Blackberry memory. I have a 16 GB memory card on board as well. Can I move some things to the memory card to keep the device running well-and faster?

    I have 256MB on the device which has less than 27 MB free.

    Any tips on increasing memory space?
    09-11-11 04:07 PM
  2. BBMINI's Avatar
    What is currently using up the device memory? Mostly programs and apps, or are you currently storing any photos and/or music on the BB memory? If so, you could definitely shift music and pics to the card.
    09-11-11 04:52 PM
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    Mostly Apps I think.

    How can I check if music/pictures are on my memory card or BB memory?
    09-11-11 04:54 PM
  4. BBMINI's Avatar
    First Go to Options > Memory > Media Card Support: On

    Then go to Camera > BB Menu Button > Options > Store Pictures: "On Media Card"

    Also, if Mass Storage Mode Support is on then you can also hook your BB to your computer via USB and see the MicroCard as a "drive" on your laptop so you can see what's on the card. If it's empty then you're not getting much use out of having a 16 GB card in your BB.
    09-11-11 05:00 PM
  5. slafa23's Avatar
    I have both of those set right. I just need to figure out if anything is saved to the BB that I don't want there and that can be moved to the memory card.
    09-11-11 05:17 PM
  6. BBMINI's Avatar
    As for apps, games and software, my understanding is that there's no way to save to and run them from a memory card, so they'll definitely all be on your BB memory and won't be able to be transferred to your card. Might be a good time to purge any apps you don't really want/need any more.

    Good luck with the project. And maybe time to upgrade from the S2 to the new Torch on VZW?? Looks like a cool device.
    09-11-11 05:22 PM
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    I recently saw an old Storm post with a list of several actions to minimize memory use. I looked today for you but cannot find it. Memory was a bigger problem with the original Storm so I would look at their posts for ideas.
    You are probably already doing battery pulls.
    09-11-11 06:42 PM
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    Found It ! Here's a good memory load reducing guide from Adam Zeis - just skip teh steps that don't apply to your phone.
    Go TO: Blackberry Help (next to the "Forums" tab in CB -->
    Getting Started Guides -->
    Setting up the Email on your BlackBerry Smartphone
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    09-11-11 11:46 PM