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    I was planning on jumping ship to another os but I've really been enjoying the improvements to my Q10 and specifically the messaging alerts. For me I don't ever want to leave the hub and I hope Blackberry makes this so. Whether it be phone calls or adding calendar events I'd love to always remain in the hub. Baking more and more social networking features into the hub and having them cross communicate for me can help keep Blackberry relevant to the mainstream part of their audience, couldn't this easily turn into the best social networking phone? With an improved camera and features I could see this phone being able to keep track and create a framework for our bevy of social networks.

    Is there a feature in the hub where I can write one bit of text and then with a single click post it to all my social networks? If not would love to see features like that.

    How do you think the hub compares to ios and android push notifications and framework for handling messages in general? Thanks!
    04-07-14 10:38 AM
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    I believe the only way to post to all is by using an app like tapatalk
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    04-07-14 10:50 AM
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    Coming from BBOS, at first I thought the hub was just another 'misplaced' notification centre.

    But try using windows 8 phone, (not the 8.1) [disclaimer: i'm on lumia 525 with Lumia Black update], it was a no brainer that I really missed the hub feature.

    Against an Android, I've got my U8800 loaded with a repackaged MIUI v4, and an Acer A500 with OMNI ROM running on Kit Kat, (from TegraOwners-Thor, if you catch the drift). It is a very different experience because notifications on the MiUI and the Kit Kat (i think its customized, despite it being a drop down menu bar) have very different functions, so I believe that the entire thing will be based on individual preferences.

    One thing that I am very, very grateful for the Hub is the micro-structure that's set by default. For example, when I go into my hub, I see this arranged:

    Priority Hub (set to my wife, and my wife only, at the moment)
    Text Messages
    EMAIL 1
    EMAIL 2
    EMAIL 3
    EMAIL 4
    EMAIL 5
    PIN messages

    This is just an example. The micro structure here is a very powerful thing, and I actually appreciate it because there are mails that are spam (or not that important, but i still have to go through them), there are mails that are from spesific sources, and there are options for me to tell the hub to always set so and so person or so and so communication channel as "priority". Not to mention the arrangement CAN be adjusted. On my Kit Kat it is not adjustable. It comes in on a first come first serve basis, and if mails come i have actually check the email app to see what new email came in. With Hub I know, (its not like you can't do it in Android, but the steps to check that new unread email on top of other emails is very, very daunting, and by the time i figure out i might as well read it, and it breaks from what i' was previously doing on my phone)

    Peek and hub is easily replicated (but not always functioning) via the swipe down from above feature in android applications running on an Android device, but the peek and flow gesture definitely is a god-sent because one gesture will always bring you to the peeking of the communications, allowing me to decide whether to break what i was doing, or just continue (and be mindful of what exactly came in, with the header)

    The hub may be annoying to some, but with the blinking LED (i've yet to customize it, so far i'm just leaving it do default red blinking if there's something that needs my attention), but the hub with LED makes it as a VERY formidable communication notification centre for a mobile OS designed around the idea of communication as priority on a phone.
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    04-07-14 10:55 AM
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    PolarBear in BB World?
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    04-07-14 10:57 AM
  5. jondecker's Avatar
    Wow amazing reply thanks, going to read it a second time, very helpful thanks!
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    04-07-14 11:00 AM

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