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    Well, I've had my BB Tour for almost a year now, and I must say it is a love- hate relationship with this phone. There are many nice features but the gliches and "issues" are so aggravating. I'm beginning to wonder if there is a better option on the horizon.
    1- The ring tone/ vibrate/ contact settings on this phone are so wrong. I have the option of setting specific ring tones for contacts with the ability to customize each sound- HOWEVER, the sound profile settingdoes not acknowledge these settings. I cannot set the volume to vibrate,with success unless I set each contact setting the same. Poor design.
    This occurred after the most recent update.
    2-I cannot understand why I have such frequent updates. Each time I do, I have to re configure my settings throughout the phone.
    3- VZ navigaor- great feature, I love having this. But the montly cost makes me wonder if there is a 'no charge' app that will work just as well. Again, when VZ Nav upgrades, it does it when I need the navigation system the most- on the road or needing directions. It does not give me the option of upgrading when I'm at home when I am not needing the app.
    4- Having the ability to check my email is a great feature. But it seems I am too exposed and had my email just hacked. The only link was the phone since my other sources are almost bulletproof. Perhaps my carelessness, but nervertheless an irritant.

    Does anyone else have the same issues or frustrations? Are there any suggestion you might offer so I can be in more of a "like" relationship with my phone? OR, does anyone have a suggestion for a possible replacement phone?
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    I can hopefully answer 3 and 4

    3: VZ Navigator, if you need gps application in your phone, is a great thing. It updates when it updates, and seems like a coincidence that it does it when you need it most (do you only open it when you need it, or every couple days to check for updates?). As far as the price, that is Verizon all the way. I have Sprint Navigation (Telenav) included in my plan, doesn't cost me any extra. I have not found any great free turn-by-turn apps, and all Blackberry ones rely on a data connection.

    4: Blackberry e-mail should be more secure than any pc or mac. It is encrypted through the BIS or BES with 256-AES, and unless you let someone have physical access to your device, it wasn't "hacked" through your BB.

    If you have a short, or simple password, it may have just been guessed at by a hacker, or some malware got installed on your computer that logged your password. If you only got replies from people mad that you spammed them, your address may have been "spoofed", meaning that your address was inserted, but your account hasn't been compromised. Either way, not the fault of your Tour.
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    Hi Ratsttam,
    Thank you for your reply. I really appeciate the info.
    here's my response-
    I think you're right about when I open the VZ navigator- only when I need it. I think I will check it before I leave the house. it is a great application, but it is costly.
    Regarding the email, hmm. Thank you. I think you're right. My password has since been changed to a much more complicated combination. I did not know the phones had such a safety feature. I feel better. Also, it seems the "hacker" sent smut to my contacts starting with J and K only. Many emails were returned, but some did go through. Not sure how I would know if I am still being hacked or if it's been resolved. But- that's not a BB issue, but more of a email-aol issue I need to resolve.

    Thank you for your help, I will apologize to my Tour now.

    but there are still irritants!
    09-08-10 12:20 PM
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    The e-mail encryption is what sets our Blackberries apart from the Droids and iPhones out there. It is one of the reasons why Corporate type people have always preferred them. Designed from the ground up to be secure, and RIM hasn't lost site of that focus, to the detriment of the consumer market and not having the "latest and greatest" device out there.

    AOL e-mail addresses are commonly spoofed, and as long as you've changed your password, its unlikely that you're still being hacked. Heck, I've even gotten spam from myself before on my aol e-mail address. It's part of the reason that I went to a gmail account.

    Give this Microsoft site a look at, it will show you how secure or unsecure your password really is. Strong Passwords | Microsoft Security
    09-08-10 12:40 PM
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    For #2:

    When you update make sure you back-up first through desktop manager. Then instead of setting everything back just load the back-up file and everything will be where you left off!

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