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    Greetings Fellow Blackberry Lovers!! I feel totally honored to be apart of this site!

    This is My first post! Before I ask for opinions and help, I must say thanks to Everyone!! I lived off this site during the first week of owning the BB curve with t-mobile.

    Can you Help?

    I notice when texting/emailing or just using the key pad, the buttons have a very audible "clicking" sound. Know what i mean??

    I'm sure that this is a standard functioning sound. I mostly notice when in meetings, or class, or whenever its quite. Its annoying, and distracting. However, I was testing out a friends new Curve (from Verison) and the key's seemed more soft, much Less of the audible 'Click, click.'

    Also, I noticed that the key pads are a different.. My Curve has the silver buttons, and my friends has the Black buttons. Is it possible replace my current silver key pad, with the black one?? .... Would sound be quieter? Does anyone else notice this?

    08-28-08 01:27 AM
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    I had the same problem with my curve when I had the silver keys. They where very loose, and very noisy... very annoying!
    I ordered a new red case and black keyboard set form Cellular Accessories - HTC, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, 3G, Alcatel, BenQ-Siemens, Tools, Acer, NEC, Son and now its not loose, not so loud as before. It still makes noise when I type, but thats just a downside to a blackberry because when I type on my nokias or htc's you dont hear a thing at all.

    welcome to CB!
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