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    Long story short:

    - Lost Blackberry Storm phone in Miami while on vacation

    - Phone was running mIQ on it (backs up messages, calls, pics, contacts, etc... to internet where I can view on my computer)

    - Claimed the phone lost to Verizon and they blacklisted the ESN

    - Two days later I got a new phone through Asurion and installed mIQ

    - 1 week later, noticed through mIQ website that weird activity was occurring, phone numbers were showing up in log, and new contacts were being added. (My old phone was reactivated and mIQ loaded during phone boot-up.)

    - 1 address book entry was called "voicemail" and was a miami number (I assume it was the individual who now has my phone)

    - Called Verizon and validated it's ESN was still blacklisted.

    - Vzw told me the new number was a pre-paid phone company not affiliated with Vzw but could not tell me who.

    - I called the cops in Miami and they told me that they couldn't do anything b/c it was lost and the individual activated it in his own name.

    - The cop said I could have a civil case but there was no law being broken.


    When someone activates a lost phone in their own name, there is no crime being committed and you are on your own.


    Is the police officer correct? (Possession is nine-tenths of the law in this situation.)

    mIQ is awesome and really helped me out here; however, when he updated his contacts, he deleted all mine. My new phone had mIQ running on it as well so it deleted all my contacts and put his on there. Luckily I had a backup loader file. I changed my password so his phone's mIQ should no longer be able to update to my mIQ account.

    now I have the guys phone number and the number for about 10 of his friends (from the other contacts he entered that sync'd to my phone). Not sure what I will do but probably try to call him and let him know that he shouldn't be using my old phone.
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