1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    My name is Mário.

    I got my cellfone stolen and my wife still getting SMS's from it so i badlly need to get it blocked cause i got lots of relevant and confidential information on it, that cannot (under any circunstancy) falt into wrong hand.

    So, i need to know if blackbarry support could please help me with this situation. i even have my cellfone registrated in your system blackberry protect

    blackberry protect - wipe device - i chose this option at the day I lost it "08.04.2016"
    but today my wife received a message from my lost blackberry today "29.04.2016"

    One of the things that made ​​me use the phones from Blackberry was the security I followed all protocols to protect me and believed he was safe because even the blackberry protect my phone is still in mode "device wipe"

    My sim card is protected by a password and was deactivated my operator has disabled the messages she receives come from the WhatsApp

    Wipe device erases everything in the device including applications and everyone knows that to have an active whatsapp is necessary to register a number and receive a message with the activation code sent to the registration number but this is impossible because I went to the my carrier and I disabled the sim card

    8th my sim card is already disabled

    If my whatsapp is then run the device wipe did not work but the net was and continues on, if not it would not send messages to my wife

    But what I want right now is lock the phone if I can not sure that the blackberry can they only need to have the IMEI to disable the device

    I write here so that they can contact me to solve this situation...

    I'm desperate

    please help me.
    04-29-16 07:06 PM
  2. Gray's Avatar
    You should be able to locate the device with Blackberry Protect. Have you tried that? Remember that BB Protect needs to be installed on the device as well.
    04-29-16 07:28 PM
  3. BB Adict's Avatar
    Since you have BlackBerry Protect, why haven't you wiped the device already?

    Posted via CB10
    04-30-16 09:42 AM

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